Armageddon is Now Definitively Here: Pope Francis May 18, 2018

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  1. I’m not so certain about this one… The Trump thing…yes… in particular the fact that Trump is making odd statements … The end of the planet..doubt it… Lots of people dying…Probably… it’s happened before…

  2. The demon that call itself Pope Francis is the Anti Christ one of Lucifer demons/reptile/peadophile/murderer.
    The Alpha/Omega, Heaven parents/greater good does not listen to EVIL, lying Pope Francis. Pope Francis is curse.
    UFO, ALIENS ARE REPTILES DEMONS, they have there demons living here, so this is why they are visiting, planet earth, Aliens are the anti matter, lower energy, evil.

  3. Yes so close, lol can't you hear the gnashing of teeth? I swear I have seen several tools is Satan unable to contain their animosity towards me, they were literally snarling, just being in the same room. As a dedicated servant of Christ Jesus, I am a vessel for His glory and the creatures of darkness feel Him and are unable to disguise their true identity. Very profound to observe.

  4. The elites are waiting for a disaster or war. Pre-mil believers also need to make sure they don’t throw dates out and need to just let God’s plan unfold. I am trying to find ways to be bolder with witnessing in the time left.
    WOW Mike, you might be right on Rev 17! 😊

  5. Hail, Roman Pontiff! Hail, Roman Regent! Hail, Righteous Father! Sez the Irish Catholic and the Polish Catholic!
    Wonder when the British Royals will order satellite annihilation against the Vatican? They've been kicking Catholic ass for centuries, and picked up the Huguenots and Dutch as allies of the Anglican-Episcopalian power structure.

    Antichrist will be a member of the ROYAL family, history's most powerful family.

  6. Why dont all you believers, believe in justice for the thousands of people around the world who have been sexually abused by your priests?
    It is completely beyond me that all you believers do not get together and hold these disgusting people accountable.
    Instead you are all silent and blindly folliow this faith.
    Why wont you do something to stop the systematic abuse im your religion?
    What would jesus think? Would he of been silent?
    Thousand of children abused and being abused by your catholic churches all over the world.
    When oh when will any of you wake up out of your blind god fearing slumber?

  7. Just simply follow what Jesus said at John 17:3,"This means lasting life,To know You the only true God and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.
    Here we are encouraged by Jesus to take accurate knowledge about his father the true God and about who he really is.
    Study the bible seriously…2Tim.3:16.

  8. Not aliens. Advanced technology and hybrid beings from Atlantis that want a repeat which is why the most high is about to wipe the Earth clean again. Humanity hasn’t learned. Linda Moulton Howe Wilcock and Corey Goode agents of deception

  9. In 1973 I was sitting in my boyfriend's car talking when we saw a UFO about the length of 8 cars, flying at meteoric speed and then come to a full stop on top of the planetarium at Northwestern University. We were about 50-60 ft away. It was about 10 feet over the building, sat there for 5-6 minutes and then jetted off faster than anything I have ever seen. The weird thing was there was no sonic boom, totally silent. It looked like the classic dome-shaped UFO with swirling lights.

  10. did this farcical movie really come out on May 18, 2018? Havent heard anything on it yet? But for hypocritical deception, its hard to beat the Vatican. Who is the advertising/ marketing company behind this Pope? His assault on America is bizarre. Since when did mainstream america worship the pope? He is the elites New Darling! Creepy!!!

  11. What do you guys think of Lewis Farrakans theory that the antichrist who will be represented by the 666 is actually Israel which is represented by the star of remphan (6 sides, 6 angles, 6 points)?
    It could also be the pope ofc 🤔

  12. You can tell which is the true religion if they adhere to Gods word explicitly- the pope blesses troops to go to war and shed blood- they in effect kill other Catholics from other counties during this war- how can God approve of a church killing their very own members?????

  13. You took that info from the house of Yahweh about the popes. Benedict is still making good decisions the both of them are working together. Your first deception you follow God instead of the Creator Yahweh. Everyone is worshipping Satan christ whatever name she uses, she is but a created being. Rev 12:9 if you want the truth go to or

  14. Armageddon occurs at the end of the reign of the antichrist, right before Jesus comes to rule and reign for the millennial kingdom. Gog and Magog occurs after the millennial reign when Jesus allows the devil to be released from prison, and the devil will try his final attempt to gather people and come against God. During the millennial reign, there will be people on earth that consist of the unsaved who didn't take the mark of the beast and the saints who have taken part of the first resurrection (those who were martyred and beheaded). After that millennial period and after the battle of Gog and Magog, the Lord will conduct the final judgment, which is the Great White Throne Judgment, and God will separate His people (those who sleep – which is the second resurrection) and those who are unbelievers (and also those who profess to be Christians but did not trust in God's salvation, and were not Holy Spirit filled). The New Jerusalem coming down from heaven and the marriage supper of the Lamb occur after the Great White Throne Judgment, not during the millennial period. God will make a new heaven and a new earth, and combine them together. But God will not allow the wicked to be part of the eternal kingdom. Those who have rejected God's salvation, will be thrown into everlasting fire along with the false prophet and the antichrist. We cannot have God and reject Him at the same time. As far as the rapture goes, the Bible tells us that the catching away will occur at the "last trump" for those who are "alive and remain." Please consult the Scriptures to see what is going on event-wise, during the time of the seventh trump. The Bible says let no man deceive you, for that day (Day of the Lord's return) will not come, until first, the man of lawlessness is revealed (which is the son of perdition/man of sin/antichrist), and the great falling away occurs. Many will be offended at Jesus because they were not expecting to experience persecution, even though the Bible gives us plenty of forewarning. Reading the Bible for ourselves, and asking God to help us understand by His Holy Spirit, is the best way to get the pure words of the Lord, without admixture of man's errors.  <– If any of what I have said sounds new to you, please crack open your Bible and start reading. (Revelation, Matthew 24, 1 and 2 Thessalonians, Daniel chapters 7-12)

  15. Unity with the Pope is unity with Hell (all religions are equal, cultures are equal, lifestyles are equal-nothing is either good or evil (all good). Nations have no borders or anything that separates or makes differences. All this requires a spiritual oneness or unity – mixing all religions/spirituality and calling it good, wholesome, and right. Merging the so called heavenly with the earthly (heaven and earth fuses together into one unified body – The Body of the False Christ – the devil). The Pope is the driver to get this unity done!

  16. Who knows if it's another fake news story! Confidence trickster/s etc always abound as Jesus said, although I put it differently. Religion/s sects divides etc have been around for neons. Salt seem to be loosing its taste. Day an age of hype/s of all kinds & it is no wonder people are apt to be taken in by what ever the case may be.

  17. Now that trump has got rocket man to quit making nuclear rockets, the bible prophecy that says after peace will come utter destruction (cant remember the exact wording) comes to mind. The pope has mocked christ so many times now its becoming so blatent he is a false prophet, i cant believe any christian would follow this man/demon, do catholics not read the bible at all? Or have they just been brainwashed that much they cant see the truth staring them in the face? Praise God for opening my eyes because a few years ago i was the last person anyone would think would turn to christ. God bless my fellow christians and all their loved ones.

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