this is video is about the benefit of astrology as a tool for the initiate on the path of awakening. it’s about working with the nature of phenomenal of arising from the masculine perspective symbolized in the Bhavachakra, or Wheel of Life, and the feminine perspective of the 5 Dakini Mandala as a practice aimed at transforming the ground of being into the Wisdom of the Dharmadatu in order to bring about the Alchemical Marriage of the Sun and Moon. it’s about using meditation to create a gap between our our mental/astral bodies and our higher self – we are not our thoughts – and then using classical astrology from the Chaldean Star Lords and Old Egypt as skillful means used to nurture the seeds of karma that arise from the alaya into the bloom of the Red Rose Cross with a goal of no new seeds and gaining the throne of enlightenment for the benefit of all beings.

the understanding of esoteric astrology presented here is very heavily influenced by the great teacher, Santos Bonacci.
you may find his youtube channel here:

and his website here:

Welcome to the Universal Truth School Website of Santos Bonacci

the introductory music, The Gates of Agartha by Crystalline State.
TI Teremate Ly-Sao, is an ally on the path of light who offers the luminescent encouragement of his heart-song through music.

5 Dakini Mandala – Lama Tsultrim Allione
Wisdom Rising –

this video is the original work of Lily Rose Day. you may repost videos, but please link back to me as this work is my heart-offering and is intimately linked to my vitality.

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