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  1. You are a deep brother…ppl also dance to their demise partying to ignorant lyrics & as u said funding their demise w/ excessive spending, ignoring their demise by not making changes, adding to their demise by going harder 4 others than their own & w/ self destructive behaviors-always smoking drinking promiscuity, etc

  2. So-called Black people aren't the only people who go to war for those in a better position. You're looking at things through eyes colored by a pre-notion of what it is you're supposed to be seeing. A scientist isn't supposed to do that. EVERY soldier goes to war for those who are in a better position than them. That's provided your definition of position is talking about economics. Did you ever read of the families of kings and queens fighting on the fields of battle in modern times? It barely happened in ancient times. Kings would grace the battlefield with their presence but seldom engaged in military operations themselves.
    Again, this is all predicated on the socially created and mentally accepted concept of racial variance. The human animal expresses it's appearance, behavior, and habits all as a result of environmental needs. There are some instances where this isn't the case but for the most part, environment contributes almost entirely to the expressed result.
    When it's kept in terms of science, it removes a lot of the conjecture and ambiguity from the conversation and equation. Science says human beings, while there are genetically expressed differences, are all the same animal. LIke a lab of chocolate, black and cream color. Same animal different fur. Fur difference brought about through breeding and artificially controlled genetic expression. In animals the process is much faster. In human beings, depending on how detrimental the environmental trigger is that causes the varied genetic variance, the change can be over 10 or more generations or as quick as a few years. If a white person is exposed to the sun, initailly they burn. Once they heal, they will begin to develop an increase in melanin production in response to the sun. Over time it will move from being a quick response to being a strongly expressed genetic trait.

  3. As a scientist, I can speak to this from a scientific perspective. Your background would imply that you are a scientist as well. Genetic predisposition does not equate to automatic fruition. Everything pertaining not only to human life but all life is based on genetic predispositions that are developed over time in response to environmental needs. Social, Psychological, Cultural or Biological. All life develops genetic content. This genetic content is what we call genes within a certain number of chromosomes. All human beings have the same genes and the same number of chromosomes. At least as far as genetic science has found thus far. However, those genes will express themselves differently depending on the environment. Culture is the behavioral equivalent of this expression. Most cultural habits develop from foods available and eat, the methods of collection of food and other resources needed within the environment in which the animal species lives. Social habits much the same. Biological even more so. Genetic predisposition doesn't come to fruition and further become a strongly expressed trait without an environmental trigger. It's a sub-study of genetics called epigenetics. The color of skin is a genetically expressed physical train that expressed itself strongly as a result of the environmental trigger of certain areas of the spectrum of sunlight. One of the biological functions crucial to a human life is calcium processing. At the two lowest layers of the sub-dermal (Stratum Spinosum and Stratum Basale) a photoreactive substance called 7-dehydrocholesterol resides. It contains inactive forms of vitamin D (D1 and D2). When the sun hits the skin, the inactive vitamin D is converted to D3 (Cholecalciferol). Further conversion in the liver and kidneys takes place. D3 is used to process the mineral calcium which we get from the earth in our food or other sources. Calcium is used to build bones and joints as well as crucial to the processes of the endothelium (cells lining the inside of veins and arteries). Specifically, the processes involving immunity. Without the sun the human animal would cease to exist of beginning to suffer from rickets of other forms of bone deficiency. When migrating out of Africa to other parts of the world with less sun, colder which led to people living more in caves further depriving the human animal the needed sun, the human animal over time had to drop melanin in the pigment of the skin to compensate. So skin color is a nothing more than a natural adaptation to environment. Same is true with social and cultural expressions.

  4. Yes. I stand with self preservation.

    Start with the basics. Say hello to every Black person you see. Make that connection. Don't get upset if some don't speak back or ignore you. Those of us trying to unify are not the problem. The resistors will learn as we all do, who has their best interests at heart. Just do your part. Build a link.

    Happy Father's Day, Dr. Wallace!!!

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