Avantika is the story of a woman who’s dream of a successful marriage are shattered when she learns about her husbands extra marital affair.. Avantika, hardworking middle class girl dreams of becoming a successful architect. She meets her dream man Saurabh who is a rich successful businessman. The two get married and have two kids. Avantika’s dreams of perfect marriage are shattered when she learns of Saurabh’s affair with Maithali a girl who has spent her entire childhood in Saurabh’s home. Most shocking is that Saurabh’s family well aware of this affair hasn’t bothered to inform Avantika about it. She decides to leave her husband and marry her boss Shashank who is divorced and has a young daughter Jui. Will Avantika change her decision? Will she forgive Saurabh keeping in mind the future of her kids? Or will she marry Shashank?


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