Brian Rose & Nic Gabriel talk about their upcoming retreat with Ayahuasca, the controversial hallucinogen and “Plant Teacher.” After spending 10 days on a rigorous diet of no sugar, salt, caffeine, alcohol, drugs, wheat, red meat, dairy, soy or spices, they discuss their anxiety and anticipation about the upcoming experience and how it will change their lives.

“I’m thinking about it every minute of every day.” – Nic (03:45)

“Ayahuasca is a hallucinogenic brew made from tropical South American vines used especially in shamanistic rituals by certain Amazonian Indian peoples.” – Brian (04:54)

“It was the first ever clinical trial into the efficacy of D.M.T.” – Nic (05:41)

“This is not about going to Amsterdamn for the weekend and getting fucked up, it’s much more serious than that.” – Brian (08:42)

“A lot of people don’t understand the sanctity of what we’re doing.” – Nic (09:12)

“This is going to take place in the pitch dark.” – Brian (16:44)

“You’re at least 5% better looking.” – Nic (21:03)

“It means I’m more invested in this experience.” – Brian (23:02)

“For me I feel as if I’m preparing for a battle.” – Nic (24:23)

“Look at the great events in your life that changed you, they were probably very tragic and horrible moments, they were for me, and I got the most gain out of them, so if I have to do that then I’m ready to drink. Because not doing it will make me more anxious and more angry.” – Brian (27:57)

“You have got to pay the piper sooner or later, if there are these negative psychological patterns or spiritual wounds, I want them out now. I don’t want them to resurface when I’m 60 and too inflexible to deal with them then.” – Nic (28:22)

“She told us if you’re in doubt after the first drink, then drink.” – Brian (38:14)

“That’s part of the excitement is that we just don’t know what’s going to happen.” – Nic (39:35)

“This episode is not meant to encourage anyone to do this–stay in school, don’t do drugs–if you do want to do this then research it, Nic and I spent six months on this.” – Brian (41:45)

“If you could guarantee that on Monday night when we do this that on Tuesday morning you would have the answer to one question, what would it be?” – Nic (45:48)

“Where’s my direction for the next ten years, where do I need to go and what do I need to get done, that’s what I want to see.” – Brian (46:01)

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  1. The reason their is such a strict diet is because now a days every piece of food & drink is covered in Sodium Fluoride this attracts itself to the Pineal Gland, leaving it dormant. I assume that when eating as close to natural food and drinks it gives the person a greater reaction to the Ayahuasca by opening their third eye.  

  2. What separates a person doing DMT from a druggie it's in the purpose, if your doing just to get high , your purpose is to use it as a Drug, but if you're using with the purpose of trying to learn more about yourself, the world around us, for enlightenment it is not, in other words you can be a druggie with caffeine if you are using it for the sole purpose of getting high, like many do, get high on anything that can alter their mind.

  3. Do you have a video where you discuss the risks of taking Ayahuasca in Peru and in general? I was just reading that there is a rising problem with charlatans and one needs to be aware that there have been cases of death, sexual assault, and even insanity because they are adding in an additional psychoactive plant called Toé, which is really dangerous. There is an article about this in Men´s Journal and on Vice.

  4. I love you guys, just discovered you, your podcasts are conscious-expanding, high-vibrational, mind-blowing, fascinating trips! Really preparing me for my own experiences with Ayahuasca, I'm going to peru this year, going to a week long retreat after volunterring in an orphanage in the Manu reserve. Thanks so much for giving me the insight! Ps, you guys are sexy. X

  5. Regarding salt, do you know why they don't want you to consume it? Is it any salt, or are naturals like Himalayan salts different? Just wondering since salt is vital for human survival, and it reduces adrenal stress (among other things), and contrary to common belief, it does not cause high blood pressure. Not that I would go against the advice of the very Shaman that pours my Ayahuasca, I'm just curious of the science behind this stuff 🙂

  6. Saw a debrief b4 I got to see this, so I know u had an amazing experience esp in the Amazon. Have never done Ayahuasca, but DMT is found in so much of the natural world including Psilocybin mushrooms which I did take in my 20s, I always wound up having my best experiences in the woods. P.O.I. guys, I found myself playing some kind of Ambient Dub in the background while I listening/watching u guys it's brilliant!! 🙂

  7. I'm a little late to the game, but you might have felt like shit after the smoothie due to the high fat content (albeit good fats) in the coconut oil. If I pass a threshold of more than a tbsp, I get a big stomach ache. Gluten-free is awesome by the way!

  8. I am going to do this.. it´s something that I´ve been wanting to do for some time now… I am going to do a special one called after the La perga.. (A happening) I am hoping for a really wild experience, and I am hoping everything goes right… I am going to do the La perga, in Denmark, in a forrest, a little before night… so everything is pretty much planned… 🙂 I hope it goes well 🙂 wish me luck

  9. Yes, the tree grows around Sydney. Check out Erowid. for the recipie.

    The tree's common name is wattle – one type only has DMT. It grows along the South Eastern Coast form Brisbane to Melbourne. I don't actually know which type of mimosa – there are a few.

    Anyway, I think that website has the specific tree – if I'm right w` th` URL. LOL! cHEERS . J

  10. Hi! I just found your site and show today and watched a couple of episodes. You seem like two cool guys and I love how "real" and sincere you both are when you go about discovering & learning about the world. I'm happy you had the Ayahuasca experience and hopefully I can have it too some day. Keep up the good work / new subscriber.

  11. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on a very personal experience. It's a big help to me cos I've been weighing this thing up for some time now and I've had some of the same apprehensions about the whole thing. I seriously hope there's a follow up video now!

  12. Hey Scholar, nice to have you on board. We'll have our Ayahuasca experience episode up soon but I have to say that I'm so happy I opted for the full Ayahuasca ceremony and not a quick DMT trip. I just feel that the Plant Teacher has so many lessons for us, please seek it out if you feel it's right for you, it's something I will never forget.

  13. @TheUncleJarvis I'd have to double check with our Shaman on "sweeteners" but they weren't on the list so I used Canderel and drank diet caffeine-free coke. I think people go way too far on being anti-sweetener, sugar is 10 times worse and let's face it, without the artificial sweetener option most people end up eating sugar. #justsaying

  14. @FourthOsprey Before considering #Ayahuasca, I recommend 3-6 months of independent research, listen to guys like Joe Rogan and Aubrey Marcus, do some reading, and then decide if it's really for you. We'll be dropping some Science on the episode next week can't wait to get that one in the can! Everyone is asking about it! Be cool homey.

  15. @LondonRealTV Nah I don't man, I gotta step up my twitter game. I follow a few people but don't really get on it enough. That shit's funny though, I'm sure he gets it all the time. Like the thousands of people I've heard call Obama Osama. Fuckin hilarious. Good luck on your ayahuasca journey though gentlemen; if you haven't done it already. I would love to work my way up to that some day and take a good, hard, deep, introspective look at my life. Much respect. Can't wait to hear the stories.

  16. @FourthOsprey Haha, "solidified water artists", classic. Do you follow him on twitter? He's actually really cool about it, happens all the time, he just says "No, that's the dude from NWA." He Tweets what he calls "Daily Game". Short life lessons. Dope.

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