Barabbas or Barabbas.Climate-Economic Crash & MOB.Daily & Transgression in SDA,US since2015.How Long

Barabbas or Barabbas. Climate-Economic Crash worse than 1929 to usher in Sunday Law. Daily & Transgression of Desolation in SDA & USA since 2015. How Long?


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  1. Thanks pastor. A lot of Arab countries are dependent on oil exports. When the carbon tax is implemented, they will know who is behind their woes and you can imagine they will not be sending him/her Christmas cards.

  2. In 2Thessalonians 2:3-7, Paul reminded them of what he had told them privately, that the Roman Empire must be taken out of the way in order for the papacy/Antichrist system to be revealed.

    The reason why he didn’t put that in the letter was understandable, because at that time they were under a very oppressive Roman occupation and the Romans were just as ruthless as the German Gestapo; the SS.

    If Paul had been searched, which they often were, and a letter was found on him that said the Roman Empire was going to be taken away, Paul would have been summarily imprisoned, tortured, and possibly executed unless he told them what army it was that was going to attack them, and when was this attack going to take place. That would have been their understanding of his letter to the people in Thessalonica.

  3. Pastor this is exactly what i have understood Daniel 8:11-12.Thank God for the spirit of prophecy in Early writings page 74-75.If we had followed Ellen white,s writings,the church could have understood what the daily is and not associate it with daily sacrife in the Jewish temple.Ellen white says the word sacrifice is a supplied word,meaning it was added to by the people who were translating the bible and in particular that word sacrifice.The daily indeed is pagan Rome and the transgression of desolation is papacy.The reason why papacy is pictured as transgression of desolation is because this power changed the law of God,the ten commandments wilfully.
    When we read Daniel 12:11 and we remove the word sacrifice we will understand that it was papacy which took away pagan Rome and came into power.The 1290 years here span from 508AD-1798AD.

  4. pastor Henriquez. i hve been reading GC chp Heralds of the morning. concerning the first Advent of Christ. am imprest that the elders had been given the prophesies mucah 5:2 and Daniel 9:25. here the time and place was given but no one knew . that their ignorance was a result of sinful negligence. that with prifound interest the eldrs should hve been studying the place time and cirumstances. is this prophecy being fulfilled to the church today

  5. Greetings pastor I heard various interpretations concerning the daily and none was so plain as this I would like you to explain to us 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17 is a rapture taking place there when the dead in Christ shall rise and the righteous living are caught up together to meet Jesus in the air?

  6. just as Isreal was about to cross over the border to canaan, what crept into the campz? immorality, same with modern Israel, just as we are about to cross over is the same thing, and who were the chief person to lead Israel into apostasy? the elders,, pastors

  7. The SDA Pastor gave In the Pulpit on Sabbath 15, 2018, (3) three reasons why we as SDA should CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS.
    And No !!! We should NOT villainise Santa Clause.

    He indicated (verbally) that the children of the Pathfinder Club, (shown) gyrating their bodies in that very vile and very immoral manner were doing Nothing Wrong.

    He failed to show that he understood the importance of REVERENCE, in Worship to GOD: by his comments, and answers which he gave to questions.

    As for music in Worship, seems to him that any thing goes. This is supposed to be a man of God.
    God forbid !!!!!!!!

    He used no quote from the SOP.

    He seem to not realize the time in which we are living. He was " full of himself" as he admitted casually; but it seemed not to dawn upon his mind that he should have Christ formed within.

    I believe that he would choose Barabbas instead of Barabbas.

  8. Pastor, please pray for my son Roman, He has left the truth, I pray for him and his family to come in !! So now God And me has told him the truth it is planted now someone has to come and put some water on it!!!! Thank you in advance pastor! I pray for you and your family all the time in my prayers because you and a couple of pastors that I look at are men of God!!!

  9. I used to hate history before learning about the advent message and prophecy. Now I enjoy studying history. Fascinating how history is being repeated and we really need to do our best by God's grace to spread this message. While people busy bickering about other things between brethren and among religious beliefs. Being distracted from the signs, this message to me is so unique. Present truth. There is only ONE who declares the end from the beginning. Haha! God is awesome and worthy to be praised. Barabbas or Barabbas, sounds like jesuit language to me. Forked tongue language. Like a serpent indeed. Are we ready? Thank you for the message Pastor and STS. Looking forward to evening service. God bless ~

    "That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past." – Ecclesiates 3:16.

  10. You mentioned the ultimatum of carbon taxes or rest on Sunday. Then the world blaming SDAs for keeping Sabbath after taking it away. Although this will happen, the accusers are contradictory. They should think that the more we "rest", the better and ask themselves so why would they take away our Sabbath? if SDA are worshiping on sabbath and resting from consuming and also refraining from consuming on Sunday but the rest of the world isn't, the rest of the world would be the cause for the calamity "logically" speaking. People want to control so much they end up not making any sense….

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