Best Evidence of Reptilians – the Vatican, Exhibit ‘A’ – ReUploaded

Reuploaded. At first I thought the video too biased but realized after I’d taken it down that I didn’t do the story on the ”’building,” and was just the narrator. I’ve decided to put this one back up. Presented are some strange observations made by not just myself. Submitted for your intrigue, are… reports and findings that I’ve come across in my trails and wants to know more. What do you think about all that is presented? Made for content and the intrigue towards more research into matters presented.

I don’t own the images and use them for criticism, critique, teaching, and other. No copyright infringement is intended.

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  1. In the ancient text (Egypt) it states sound or certain sounds revil there true form.
    Well it says it will allow you too see there face…
    So I'm working on that untill I succeed or fail…
    Got too check it out…

  2. It all makes sense now I couldn't understand what was going on but two weeks laser not to the datejust 2 weeks later we had a massive earthquake in San Francisco and that's where I was all of them demons came once the earthquake very heavy very spiritual but at the same time we are fighting against principalities

  3. I have actually awoken to a living room large living room Pharmacy to hundreds of them one on the top of the other one top of the other the colors are them is almost like puke from a hangover ever shades of green creams Reds but I want a very pale dying book exactly as you have seen the pictures exactly what they look like I am a witness I have seen with my own eyes as soon as I was about to say Jesus because I was stuck in so much fear I could not even open my eyes I got one of little opening that someone I seen them all and I will stop this was about two weeks before the earthquake on the Cypress Bridge he hit we was 1986 not sure many years ago but what I do recall and I do know is I've been on the lookout for what those demons look like and they're pretty much on kit the smallest to the largest they're all different sizes they have many different colors nothing match your outfit but I have no problem like I said put it in mine test for whatever you would tell you the same in the end that exist yes in Jesus name I clear my home and all which is not of the Lord Jesus Christ has to go now the precious name of Jesus Christ

  4. You seem to be lumping numerous groups into the reptilian category. Too many of them. Our planet has been influenced by numerous other civilizations. If you think you can pin all our problems on the reptilians then you only have a fraction of the picture. You need to understand that Satan is a force that affects every civilization on every planet….not just Earth.

  5. Dan.
    💘 your thoughts.
    I'm certain your on to something.
    Rings true.
    Had an 'odd' personal experience several months ago.
    A womans eyes.
    Perfect slits.
    And glowing a pale grey/blue like soft lights.
    She then noticed me noticing, and oddly then made eye contact impossible.
    I went out of my way to get a better look…all VERY STRANGE.
    No clue what to make of any of it…

  6. I think this is one of your better videos of a litany of well thought out, thought provoking videos of which you so deftly and awesomely make and share on a regular basis. Thanks for all your hard work, Dan. You da man. 👍
    "I often think that the night is more alive and and more richly colored than the day." – Vincent Van Gogh

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