Bhagyalakshmi – Zee Marathi Family Drama Tv Serial – Priya Berde| Neha Pendse – Full Episode -272

`Bhagyalaxmi’ is a story set in Bhira village which has a small temple of Goddess Bhirai. Although the people of Bhira village deeply worship Goddess Bhirai, they blindly believe all the superstitions promoted in the village. Kashi (Neha Pendse) is the daughter of a `Devdasi’ who accidentally gets married to Sanjay, the nephew of a renowned politician. Sanjay (Vivek Raut) lives with his uncle, Dhanaji (Sunil Shende), aunt, Kamini (Surekha Kudchi) and their son Surya (Ketan Kshirsagar). Kashi is extremely soft hearted and has special blessings from Goddess Bhirai. Kamini and Surya constantly torture Kashi since they do not like her one bit. Kamini and Surya keep scheming against Sanjay too, who is an heir to a huge fortune. However, two servants Bhau Kaka (Ashit Ambekar) and Goda (Sandhya Mhatre) always support and help Sanjay and Kashi. The religious head of the village, Bappaji (Gururaj Avdhani) and his henchman Baba Kadam (Atul Kasva) too conspire against Kashi as they fear that Kashi is a threat to Bappaji’s position in the village. As a result of the conspiracies, Sanjay and Kashi part from each other on several occasions. Will Kashi and Sanjay ever live happily with each other?!


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