Join me as I share with you important information about the Jesuit Agenda and it’s link to the New World Order. Why is it important to know this? Because Pope Francis is the first Jesuit White Pope. This is a MUST SEE! Know Jesus! Daniel 11:37.


10 Replies to “BibleTime 1/4/2015, The Jesuit Order, Pope Francis & Superior General Adolfo Nicolás.”

  1. Sister, sister!!  Awesome job on this video!  I don't know why I forgot to go back to finish this one last week.  Glad I did tonight!  CRAZEEEEY, dirty secrets in the Vatican!!  Way worse than we could imagine!  Wolves in sheeps clothing is an understatement!  And people call US crazy!?  JESUITS.  Never really understood what they were about. Interesting how the word CATHOLIC means "Universal".  Now makes even more sense. THE HORN IS SOUNDING PEOPLE!! WAKE-UP!  You all want JESUS…not JESUITS!!  JESUS SAVES!  JESUS IS TRUTH!  JESUS IS LOVE &  ALL YOU'LL EVER NEED!!!! 
    Thank you so much, Naomi!  
    You are truly a Blessing  
    God Bless You, Sister  😉

  2.   They are very intelligent men. I turned 48 yrs. old before I found out who the True Players were and now are, those who control the Kings! And when the Count speaks of what he really ought to have being the LOVE of a Woman, this Thought entered My Mind, that yes they want the love of a Physical Woman, but he wants the Love of the True Church, the True Woman more, but she { the True Church }, will love ONLY Christ! She will NEVER worship him, and since she won't he will execute her! Got Jesus? He's the ONLY Hope we will have to end this Mess! Much love, and God bless you Naomi.

  3. Amen, Amen, And Amen! Thank you Naomi for sharing the truth. The Jesuits and Pope Francis need to be exposed. The world needs to be warned, people need to wake up! Thank you for standing firm for the truth. Time is so short. Events are moving really fast. Francis is a wolf in sheep's clothing. His words and beliefs are contrary to scripture. He is apostate. Keep looking up,sister, the trumpet will sound soon! God Bless You.!

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