Dr Ian Paisley delivering a hard hitting sermon on Billy Graham and his apostasy! I pray in Jesus Name Graham repented, but he never did publicly so it is hard to be sure that he ever actually did.


14 Replies to “Billy Graham (1918-2018), Rome, and Apostates – Dr Ian R K Paisley”

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  2. Billy Graham was nothing more than a Luciferian agent to promote the Ecumenical Movement. Both Billy Graham and Robert Schuller are high level 33rd Degree Freemasons which indicates that they are both apostates themselves preaching a false gospel producing false converts.

  3. The pot calling the kettle black LOL not one Baptist Minister has ever preach the true death burial and resurrection of the Messiah.
    Acts2:38 is bibkical salvation.
    If you have been baptized in the Catholic titles father son Holy Spirit you're still in your sin and part of the mystery religion.
    Ask any Catholic Theologian they admit to changing the water baptism from the only saving name to the titles formula biblical separation requires when you're baptized in the name of Jesus

  4. Thank you EJ for this video I knew Billy Graham was part of the Roman Catholic Church all those Crusades were for the Roman Catholic Church to lead everybody back to the synagogue of Babylon. I did fall for the Billy Graham deception but over time the Holy Spirit showed me the truth about him and he was also at 33rd° Freemason there’s been major testimonies of the Billy Graham Association people have said that most of the ushers are Freemasons and The leaders of the church. Now the Calvery chapel churches are going to praise Billy More than Jesus Christ. Yes I did love Billy Graham I believe he’s in hell yes I did love Billy Graham But most of the churches don’t question the Christian leaders they just simply follow blind guides

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