Vatican & the Jesuits / Black Nobility occults control the world. A look in to the groups and secret societies that control the world. Also a look at religion, symbolism, occult and Luciferianism.

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Recommended Books:
Smokescreens by Jack T. Chick
Is Alberto For Real by Sidney Hunter
Secret History of The Jesuits by Edmond Paris
The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop
Behold A Pale Horse by William Cooper

“…Take heed that no man deceive you.” – Matt. 24:4 KJV

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6 Replies to “Black Nobility & Jesuit World Order pt.4/4”

  1. I see this now. Thank you. Thank you, Youtube. Thank you, AlphaandOmage44. So Zionism is just a political movement. A mask. Jesuit is the highest order with Freemasons a close second. Then you have knights Templar, which morphed into freemasons after they were abolished. These organizations practice witch craft and orchestrate wars, genocide is one of their hobbies. Worshippers of Lucifer, aka Satan. truly a evil dimension this is. The question is how did so many good souls get here. Were we sent here as punishment for something bad we did else where? Or is it just the natural path ones soul must take on their journey through one dimension to the next? How many dimensions are there? Which is the final one?

  2. I see the Jesuit Freemasons at Youtube are busy scrubbing clean any posts they feel gets too close to their global deceptions. Wonder how long you fascist f*cks think you can get away with it.

    Society will soon turn on you.

    Rest assured.

  3. @XiaoFury Its the cremation of care ritual. They send a baby across the mote in a small boat and then throw it into the fire and cheer and celibrate. The baby is ment to be a predend one but knowing the evil of these people I bet its not.

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