Know Your True Enemies ! A look at some of the people controlling the world as we know it ! Adolfo Nicolas , Tarcisio Bertone , Pope Francis, Rothschilds and Vatican !,_Sup._G%C3%A9n.jpg


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  1. DB777, Totally Agree with ya, These Unseen, Top, Top Luciferian Zionist Jesuit Power brokers, Lierally sit @ Same Table and Meet with a "Fleshly-Earthly-Physical, Real Body-Form of a Shape-Shifting Satan..!!!!!!(6) Heard that he could "Transform", Magically & Demonically into a bird, Car, lizard or freshly Human (Fake, of Course-"Epitome of Evil"..) Some, Former – Occult flipped Witches have said, he Actually Has an Office @ the Biggest, Most comnected-Politically & NYC Stock Brokerage firm with stock value, around a nice $130.00/Share… CAN'T THINK OF NAME!!? Sorrry… Literally, this Filthy, Slimy, Little "g" Deity, who has "Immense, Dark, Powerful, Sick, yet Creepy, Noxious Bizarre and Perverion the likes of No one I can Compare to in History of world!!!!!!(6)

  2. Can't prosecute them they control the courts. I wish they could but here the order starting from the
    Eye of the pyramid order.

    1)Satan/ Lucifer
    2)Black Pop/ Adolfo Nickolas
    3)Jesuit Order
    4)Counsel Of 13 Barveran
    Luminati & Scotish Rite
    5)Counsel of 33 of 13 Satanic
    Blood lines
    6) Committee Of 300
    7) Money & Banking
    8) Secret Society Groups
    A. Federal Reserve
    B. European Central Bank
    C. International Monetary
    D. World Banks
    E. International Bank Of
    F. Central Banks
    G. International Convervation
    1. World Trade
    2. International Corporation
    Exxon, Shell, Disney,
    Rockafellas Foundation,
    International Rothchild's
    Noble Foundation
    Chase Manhattan Bank
    Duch Bank
    Bank Of Enland
    Goldman Sacks
    H). Secret Society Groups
    1. Free Masons
    2. Scotish & York Rite
    3. Skull & Bone
    4. Gran Orient Lodge
    5. Gran Alfina Lodge
    6. Nights Templer
    7. Gran Oder Of Gardner
    Of Knight Of Molter
    8. Knights Of Columbus
    9. Rasacuscions
    10. P2 Lodge
    I) Barons of Luminati
    A. Universities/ Fordum
    George Town directly
    B. Unesco
    C. World Peace Groups

  3. Do not let anything discourage you,and do not let the TheSLMTube and people like that who are masked handelers pull you into debates i see these demons evryware these small demons are assigned to send psychic vampires,you can not reason with fire send ba cabala demons and do not encourage people to do spiritual warfare against vatican´s seal magic they can die i know this is the only way to tare down the gates of hell but that is job of YAHUSHUA the messiah,Lucifer will be by archangel Michael tared down and his draconians who control vatican,do not just encourage people do spiritual warfare against jesuits to attack just like that nor pray they cound have serious problems all is true what you said and i know more,but God allowed this Lucifer to put power in place so these beast people would be the test for humanity sunday law mark of the beast(sun-day-amon ra lucifer worship) or saturday which sabbath means which in greek is 7th and in latin rest,and sabbath as i said on hebrew rest,so saturday and spirituality with YAHUSHUA messiah the head of it and way(John14:6) or religion which means relaying on a jinn,the jinn is a jinnie the wish master the fallen celestial astral etherical lightbeing that plays god,just keep up making these videos people need to wake up awarness if needed and not people to do spiritual warfare against such a high places if they were chatolics before just to do deliverance warfare that is ok,but to go one on one against satan directly like that even Vatican is really vaticana aka Lilith the fallen seraphim the mystery babylon from Bible mentioned,the thing is that ABA YAHUVEH,MOMMA IMMAYAH,LORD YAHUSHUA messiah,original trinity and we have satan/luifer(saturn male,venus-female-lucifer/lamia/lilith/lamashtu)Lucofrage Rofacale Sataniel,then Lilith and Apollyon the counterfit trinity itself rulling what is known as vatican aka vaticana vatican is the vaticana the mystery babylon aka Lilith aka MADIA aka media so mainstream or alternative the controlled opposition matters not same deal the same spirit or whatever the name,and yes alex jones is controlled opposition so are david icke and mark dice who mock Bill S. and others who expose jesuits and masons and stuff like that and vatican in full light and the thing is that they bash people like that and not the ones they need which is jesuits and knights templars and knights of malta and people like that! 

  4. this is true I was raised Catholic then at 14 I started pray to God for truth and to lead me right way. I then through people and I know God lead me to a bible holysprit filled church. I received a gift that's in the bible called discernment of sprits and with this girt you can see sprits I saw demons behind the catholic idols  . the demons attach themselves to idols when people pray to them that's why the second commandment says do no make of yourselves any graven images The catholic church ignores God word the bible cause they are evil and satanic. the priest might be dooped but the ones at the top do know whats happening. . revelation 17-18 talks of the catholic church look it up

  5. you might've had a 15 min time limit… but you just gave us SO MANY absurdly extraordinary claims and supplied zero evidence for any of them… zero.

    If you have good reasons to believe all this, share them.

  6. This video is yet more evidence against a nonsense "bllack pope" theory advanaced mainly by zionist sabatean masons like Eric Phelps (works for Isreali Diamon Company, or Mazzini) It always seems the people putting these theories forward are usually agents of sabatteanism or are simply dumb deluded folks. If the Jesuit Pope was so powerful their wouldn't be an "arrest warrant". News flash the references people quote are nearly always masons, or devout protestant researchers who in their research naively believed the word of free masons. Of course the most elite branches of masonry and higher orders than masonry are going to blame the catholics, catholics are forbidden from being members of masonry, jesuists are banned from being masons too, finally Weishaupt was kicked out the Jesuits for his esoteric beliefs, look at the logic of the world, the catholic church is bashed all the time by the worlds media ergo the catholic church is not in control of the whole thing, the protocols of zion detail this (and yes whilst that book erroneously uses "jew" insetead of "sabbatean" that was probably because it was written by biggot who none the less heard the very real plans of a non semtic not torah/talmud following sect following Sabbateanism or maybe it was written by a Sabbatean themselves to make people hate true ethnic,cultural and religious jews) the destruction of the catholic and protestant church is their aim and by buying into claims by masons or protestants whose sources where unreliable propaganda merchants belong to post 1777 "high" masonry you are being controlled by the rothchilds and other banking dynsaties who actually with their money try to tell the vatican what to do, the vatican is subservient partially to the rothchilds though it tries to rebel against them. But yes the rothchilds etc are not the top of the capstone, the true top will be very highly secretive indeed, and we probably havent heard one conspiracy theorist name the correct persons yet.

    As for it all being fallen angels or aliens at the top, that is just a bat shit idea. Because the people follow a sick religion known as luciferianism doesn't mean the biblical lucifer is literally at its head, nope its just a religion started by people who had psychotic issues no doubt and sadly morons then think their is some spiritual entity they are dealing with. 

  7. I'm commenting to share this on my google+ page,  they wanted google plus us to be linked with youtube, even tho youtube's comment section worked just fine, for some reason it changed, they wanted it, now more ppl can see your comments, from what I know, so i'm going to help spread the word from ppl without an agenda, that stumble across the real truth, not for anyones interest but their own and not motivated by donations just for what I think should be free information. I'll share even Alex's info if it's true regardless if he's paid off to help spread truth if I feel it's important, but I won't get it from his site, or pay for it, he has some good info out there, and some very toxic disinfo out there, and I just don't trust him by gut feeling, and numerous other ppl also thinking something is not quite right with Alex Jones. 

  8. Read the oath of the Jesuit. Understand the true name of our heavenly father and the name of his son. Then go back to there oath and see what name they swear to propagate. its all rite there, nothing hidden or secretive about them. do your home work and get back down to the basics.

  9. "Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it is written: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay," says the Lord." Romans 12:19
    All wickedness will be done away with once the Lord is finished using it for His purpose….just keep using The Word of God as your sword and it will be finished soon enough. 🙂

  10. Your right on many points….but still….."But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you." Matthew 5:44….Jesus Christ. Your prayer in Christ Jesus will unleash the wrath of the Lord God Almighty as The Pharoah's army was destroyed by the red sea.

  11. I think we can agree we are heading toward something… perhaps a comprehension of that oneness, that higher thing…

    That it will take a sinking to to a particularly deep and dark place to recognize this is no place to be… ever!

    And if one of us is in that darkness or despair, then we all are.

    And we don't need science for this(this is my opinion). To tell us how we are connected to one another and, every other thing to include all the inatimate.

  12. Yes, exactly! I've been trying to tell people about this all. Thank you for all of the effort and time you've put into this stuff. I made a quick video on my channel tonight about an interesting article I came across with the pope trying to call the black pope on the phone…thought you might find it interesting.


  13. I agree with you, God Bless you for spreading the truth.EVERYTHING we see happening has been prophecied in the Bible. Nothing or No-one can stop it. This will all lead to a One World Order. First by the false prophet (Pope) then Lucifer himself. Obama and his administration have been taken over by satanic spirits as well as all Nations. The Portals have been opened and are now controlling the leaders of the world. Good News is, if you are a child of God, you will be protected. Wake Up Folks!

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