Blavatsky, Hall, Lucifer, Spirits and New Age Stuff

Sometimes we believe what we want to.

Wait….we always do .
But use caution…..

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  1. Interesting presentation. I'm a Christian who was once a "new ager" and wanted to find out simply what blavatsky really believed. When i was a new ager i tried to read her writing.

    Interesting side note:

    A.W Pink a Christian pastor was once a successful theosophist in the society but renounced it after a spiritual conversion experience.

  2. Dude…nice tie. Hitler was a big fan of Blavatsky and so was Crowley. I don't go in for the baby eating stuff but your right that the catholic church is just as evil. The church along with the inquisition, the jesuits etc, etc., killed the christians and asumed there identity. Everything they did was antichrist from banning the bible to killing anyone who wanted to read it or disagreed. They mix Jesus in with the easter bunny and santa claus. Who can take that shit seriously. Most churches are just as bad; sending there children off to kill, rape and pillage in the name of god and country. How far does one have have his head up his ass to not see. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see. The thing is there is a way. Yeshua the messiah aka Jesus is the way, the truth an the life. You can reach our Creator thru him if you want to . You just have to want to. You don't even need a phone. Just pray in His name. Keep searching for truth and try to avoid those who enjoy killing and especially those who eat babys. It's very popular in socal nowadays. They seem not to care if neighbors here the screaming. That's enough…….

  3. The seven Rays are the 7 pillars of creation the planets the moon and the Sun of God ,Michael the Archangel in his highest self his soul is the Sun,the luminous one in his lower aspect he is saturn he is the creator, when the father of all started creation the first logos or word made Archangel Michael the second logos ,the creator the Demiurge and Lucifer his brother, The darkness he pulls in the light he is the light bearer you can not have the creation of Matter without light and darkness ,we are here to make our way back to the Most High the father of all we must ascend back to spirit as we once were.

  4. I think you're way over your head on this one – The luciferian psyche is represented by some very dark shit going down every day. You can theorize about this stuff – meanwhile people perish in the name of (Crowley) depravity. This is not a philosophical picnic. Couldn't listen to all of this one.

  5. hey carpo! good talk man. didn't watch it all yet but I'm digging it. I watch a lot of your videos but rarely comment. I've run into a bit of legal issues and I remember you saying you did too at one point. as someone with a drug or criminal record, do you have any advice for potential careers? I have been in a parking lot hit and run and also a physical control charge which is like an OVI. just lost my job and I'm freaking out that no one will hire with my background. sorry if I'm annoying ya, just curious what your thoughts are.

  6. We all have our own path. Since becoming spiritual, instead of religious. I seem to meet more and more, like minds.
    With Blavasky's writings. I find her to be highly intelligent. "The Secret Doctrine " is amazing. So many unknown ancient myths. Levi is also amazing. With Crowley, he can be
    amazing and yet so vulgar.

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