Zodiac position: 5-9 Degrees of AriesMarch 25th-29thTarot Card: 2 of RodsCandle color: Deep Blood Red*Plant: CarnationPlanet: Mars/Mercury*Metal: Copper*Element of Air and Fire*Rank: Grand Duke of the Eastern regions of HellShe governs 31 legions of spiritsHer Animal is the Tiger*Agares is a Day Demon and was of the order of the Virtues.

Agares rules over the common people; they are the voice of the common people and residence of Hell. Her position is similar to a human Mayor.* 
She teaches all languages, returns runaways and can stop one from fleeing. She can also incite one to flee. She chases off enemies, destroys spirits of the enemy, and can bring about the downfall of important men, causing them to lose their position, public honor and the respect of others. She can cause an earthquake, and incite dancing. 
*All of the Demons were very well-known and popular Pagan Gods. Agares is female. The legends of the Gods were all allegories. Agares was known as the Greek God “Argus.” Argus was a male in legend. Argus was “all-seeing” and had 100 eyes. 
Agares is extremely beautiful. She is very fair skinned and feminine with soft straight blonde hair and white wings. She is very friendly and likable.


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