Boeing – QF-16 Unmanned Fighter Full Scale Aerial Target First Flight [720p]

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  1. These F-16's, though not as big as the F-4 have certainly earned their place in history as well, now as some of these sleek and beautiful aircraft find another way to serve our country as drones and while some will be shot down, their service has been with honor, bravery, courage and valor!

  2. I was stationed and served mechanically on the B-58 Hustler bomber! To me it was a very beautiful aircraft (had a model of the B-58 as a teenage boy, who way back then wanted to be a member of the US Air Force!). Beautiful, I mean the delta wings, the sleek design, the fastest bomber at the time, had broken several speed records, etc., etc! It too is now at the bone yard.
    But here is my point: Back then I saw the B-58 as a beautiful designed aircraft—and I still do to this day! But now that I am older, and maybe a little wiser, I think of that B-58 and realize–even though beautiful and a marvel of engineering–it's real purpose for existing was to KILL people. How carefully and beautifully we can design our weapons! The B-58 was brought into existence to KILL people, plain and simple!
    Then I think of groups like ISIS, and NAZI, and others, and I then say–Well maybe these weapons ARE necessary! Too bad we all cannot simply enjoy life! But this is where we are as the human race—and I for one do not see any real change for the better! Maybe better designed and better built weapons! Maybe things will change once people actually realize how short life is already!?

  3. maybe they should do this to the f-22. one of the things the pilots were saying was the oxygen problem, maybe they can do with an pilotless f-22? no need for oxygen and they can pull higher g's.

  4. Need a answer please!
    since the jet is flown remotely does that allow for a more aggressive style of flying since your are no longer under the constraints of Human physiology? If this is the case which I believe it is It gives the F-16 a much longer set of legs so to speak.

  5. why not just use the one that germany uses?  
    (a drone type decoy/target launched in a catapult type system for practice on this kind of training)
    i'm sure it will not cost billions! 
    then sell this good plane abroad for additional funds!  
    we need some rebate type thing because of f-35.. 

  6. So using hundreds of millions of dollars worth of perfectly good fighter planes for target practice………..thats fucking dumb, how about selling them to other countries? there is a deficit you know, and the debt aint gonna pay itself…

  7. not a site, just a well comprised video speaking of the fundamentals of flight and dog fighting. PIERRE SPREY did a great commentary on the lightning. sorry to bust your bubble, but it took less time from conception to application to put a man on the moon than it did to NOT implement the lighting into service. The plane will cripple any air force who uses it.

  8. This is a great step forward training wise. Shooting a at level flying slow moving drones isn't much of a challenge and really doesn't test weapons systems or pilots. Putting a pilot on the end of this thing that will actively try and avoid the threat is going to make this a great training tool. Time to test the Navy's ship board laser on this little guy and see if it truly is an effective CIWS. So many possibilities. Great work Boeing.

  9. This is total bullshit from the Military industrial complex. Those planes are worth infinitely more by way of recycling the metals in the aircraft. the "pilots" who are obsolete (and they should be out on the street pan handling as they are all aged boomers) can already train with computer simulators for air to air combat.

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