BOY SEX in WhiteHouse, BOY SEX with SENATORS (Banned Discovery Channel Documentary)

The TALMUD Bible says that SEX with Boys does not Count as SEX and its ok to have Sex with a 3 year old Girl

JESUS said the Pharisees Father was the DEVIL,

TALMUD bible says JESUS mother was a WHORE


Crypto Jews, AlumBrados Society ILLUMINATED Ones started the JESUITS in 1526, in 1540 the JESUITS started taking a OATH in Front of SKULL & BONES

google Jesuit Oath pass out Copies, tells how to take over the World

Illuminati took over the METHODIST Church in 1908 with the Help of google HARRY F WARD, Testimony is in the Record of the 83rd Congress, Ward Agreed to Help Turn America COMMUNIST


They have us DRUGGED with NeuroToxins we do not Realize we are DRUGGED see Films at,

Aspartame, Fluoride, Fear, Guilt Make us FEEL BAD, so many turn to Drugs , Alcohol, SEX etc to Feel Better

JESUS said LOVE GOD and Each Other, Forgive yourSelf and Forgive Everyone


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  1. CRIMINALLY INSANE People Own the""""" EVIL FEDERAL RESERVE """they DOUBLE the SALARY of JUDGES & SENATORS ever 12 Years, PAID to DESTROY our LAWS under the CONSTITUTION, they Select """PSYCHOPATHS for PRESIDENT"""to Run FDA, CDC, MAFIA Owned BIG PHARMACY Funds the FDA, INFORMATION from 200 groups in 40 years down to 6 Groups own All the NEWS MEDIA, Google SECRET EXPERIMENTS Rockefeller Paid for over 100 SECRET EXPERIMENTS on us, this includes BABIES, SOLDIERS, VETERANS, MERCURY & VIRUES in All Shots to Scramble our BRAINS and make us SICK, INDUSTRIAL WASTE NWO put in WATER, SOFT DRINKS , CANNED FOOD they just Re name FLUORIDE to give us CANCER and Plug up the Ends of BRAIN NEURONS Hitler had Tons at each camp, to get us to BOMB COUNTRIeS for them they Start WARS then Finance Each Side, WW1 , WW11, 9/11 to Bomb 7 Countries, PATRIOT ACT to take away Freedoms, WACO, OKLAHOMA CITY, School Shootings to take away Guns, they bring in DRUGS and Own most of the CORPORATION PRISONS see THE NEW CLINTON CHRONICLES, THE MENA CONNECTION, and Cathy Obrian, MIND CONTROL see Operation Paper Clip, MkUltra, CELL Towers ELF, EMF WAVES, TV=A-WAVES, they are Doing More to turn us into Totally CHEMICAL and """"""ELECTRONIC CONTROLLED MINDLESS SLAVES """"" DHS & FEMA have 825 Camps Ready,
    Copy and Paste this Whole Post Around the World

  2. see Silent Sound WEAPONS now used on the American People


    4hz Calm us, 8 Joy, higher Confusion HIGHER can KILL a Whole City

    Used against Sadams Elite Soldiers in 1991 they give up & KISSED THE BOOTS of our Soldiers

    Putting Messages into Peoples BRAINS while they SLEEP

  3. B/N =BLACK NOBILITY in Europe originally from Babylon & Egypt are Controlling the Whole World, C Jack Otto & MI6 Agent Dr John Coleman CLUB OF ROME Lecture

    EMPEROR CONSTANTINE was B/N He took over the CATHOLICS in 300ad, LOYOLA was B/N He started the JESUITS in 1526 see JESUIT OATH pass out copies it Matches the LEARNED ELERS OF ZION they are Blue Prints how to take over the Whole World=NWO

    They have the Whole World DRUGGED with Sodium Fluoride in Soft Drinks C 30 Video at wwwFLUORIDEALERTorg

    PLEASE WAKE UP ONE GOOD"" GENERAL OFFICER""""Arrest the ""TRAITORS""& WAR CRIMINALS""" BULLDOZE FEDERAL RESERVE"film FIAT EMPIRE""Print TREASURY NOTES"""Throw the UN out of AMERICA, Arrest Companies FDA for Approving (Toxins in our BRAINS) FLUORIDE (Rat Poison) MSG (insect Killer) in our Food Water, Soft Drinks 30 Video FLUORIDEALERTorg, Restore CONSTITUTION, Repeal the patriot Act, Arrest USACOR, Bust up the News Media from 5 to 50 Groups"""RESTORE AMERICA!

  5. @deadadelta 1913 the EVIL FEDERAL RESERVE ACT Passed, 1913 the ADL was started see the CRIMINALS they have DEFENDED

    see Peter Grace Commission Report , done for REGEAN, TAX Money Collected went to a TRUST FUND in Pureto Rico, from their it went to the VATICAN, Rothschilds, Americans Paid to Build the see KAMA Plant in Russia during the Cold War, its 17 Miles Long

  6. @deadadelta They Fly in Planes Full of DRUGS to FT CAMPBELL Kentucky, Area 51, Mena Arkansas, see CIA TATUM CHRONICLES, COLONEL BO GRITZ=Golden Triangle, BARRY SEALS, CIA STONE, Oliver North Iran Contra,

    Many many People Warning US

  7. 1913 with 3 Senators Present and a BLACK-MAILED & BRIBED TRAITOR President Wilson Presnt the "EVIL FEDERAL RESERVE ACT PASSED"

    We have given them TRILLIONS for only Printing our Money, KENNEDY Signed 11110 for Treasury to start Printing INTEREST FREE MONEY, they Printed 4.2 BIL TREASURY NOTES

    This is the Real Reason Kennedy was MURDERED

  8. @deadadelta Talmud Worshippers have the World DRUGGED with NEUROTOXINS in Soft Drinks, Water etc

    We are DRUGGED and we do not Know it

    see Films at wwwFLUORIDEALERTorg, and the Sweet ASPARTAME sold with Several Names

    Clean out BRAIN take MAGNESIUM with AMINO ACID see Scientist georgeeby film for best type

  9. @deadadelta TALMUD bible Worshippes Control all the News Media in America, TALMUD says that Sex with little BOYS does not Count as SEX and that its OK to have SEX with a 3 year old Girl/Child

    See wwwTruthTellercom, and TED PIKE "THE OTHER SIDE OF ISRAEL"

    Since 1940 News Media went from 200 groups down to 4 groups controlling & owning the News Media

  10. @deadadelta Rockefeller give Harry Ward MONEY to Recruit Men that would Help Destroy the Protestant Faith, and turn America into a "COMMUNIST" Country.

    see George W Bush Celebrate "RED MASS" with Catholics in a Film at wwwSpirituallySmartcom,

    Find out what RED MASS is

  11. Respond to this video… Prescott Bush Did Business Before and During WW11 with HITLER

    Rockefeller owner of Standard Oil, Furnished HITLER with his Gas & Oil During WW11

    1908 Illuminati & Jesuits took ove the METHODIST Church with the Help of Methodist Preacher, Methodist Professor seeTraitor HARRY F WARD, testimony is in the Record of the 83rd Congress

    Bush W Became a MEtHODIST in 1977 Reason to get more VOTES, Methodist are in more Counties than any other Religion

  12. @deadadelta The MAFIA and the CIA had Pictures of FBI HEAD J EDGAR HOOVER having SEX with a MAN, this is the Reason He never went after the MAFIA etc

    HOOVER said this New World Order Conspiracy is So BIG no one will beleive its Happening

    1526 Illuminated Jews started the JESUITS, 1540 JESUITS started Swearing a Oath in front of SKULL & BONES, Tells how to Take over the World, copy of Oath is in 62nd Congress 3rd session record

    Just Google JESUIT OATH pass out Copies

  13. see Cathy O'Brian Author of TRANSFORMATION of America, while Bush H was saying we are going to have a GENTLE World a New World Order, at the Sametime, Bush was RAPEING Cathy's 8 year old Daughter

    A GOOD CIA Man Rescued Cathy and Her Daughter out of the MkUltra Program,

    see Cathy on internet & youtube

    see "Operation Paper Clip", I worked for GS-14 Mitch Modrell He did Experiments with LSD and Other Drugs to see how to Control People

    Cathy names names in see Code Name ArtiChoke

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