Breaking Down What Really Happened In $yr!4, Ken O’Keefe

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews former marine and outspoken activist Ken O’keefe about the important situation that developed in $yr!4 with global implications. The two go over there research on the topic and share their insights on what led to this geopolitical nightmare and what will proceed it.

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  1. this guy so stupid "
    greater israel … so full of shit , israel has no plan to get bigger so why you fill people with that shit
    second, if isis was won in syria they was advanced to israel ' but you know what ? israel was kick there ass like ALL
    arab cuontry in the past

    you look like junky head full of crack , talking shit like that
    graeter israel what a full of bullshit

  2. I would NOT call living under the rule of the jews a "better life" they might not kill us but hey DO enslave us… jew mental harassment services "mental health", jew kidnapping children's services "children's services", jew conform or we will harass you and drive you insane and arrest you for defending yourself or force drug you (medication) "jew social services"

    DEATH is preferable to this shit!

    please fucking kill them or DIE TRYING!!!

  3. I see all you people saying we love okeefe,Wel thats not enough stand up and fight back against these banksters no,Go to my FB page and put your name on my list as the peoples army,we can win if we stick together,lets see how many of you put your names up,

  4. assad was-is a minority alawite puppet dictator..yes he shows signs of token liberalism allowing sunnis to take some infrastructure jobs but that is simply to appease. He is a second generation dictator who does not represent the people. A brutal genocidal shia.

  5. I respect Ken for all the truths he is sharing I have been watching his videos for hours now and I still have a lot to learn from him. If i have learned anything from Ken so far is to tell the truth you believe in with no fear.
    Now English is not my first language and so i am not sure i understood right, what i do not understand here is talking about the dictator regime in Syria as if it is in the good. All the war crimes and the killings and the torturing and the displacing that the Assad's regime has committed and still for years against the people of Syria. Bashar has always used the Israel card, that he has always been against Israel and that he is the only president in the region to speak about it, when in fact Israel has occupied Golan in 1967, has bombed different places in Syria under Bashar's nose without a mere response. If Bashar really does stand against their interests, they would take him out in days as they did in Egypt and Libya. But No. He is still there killing his people with all the systems in the world knowing that he is using chemicals against civilians.

  6. The joos have it coming !! It is written in their own damn book that the time of jacobs trouble is near and that only a few broken joos will be spared just to make a point on Gds loyalty , Ichabod is w them the glory of Gd departed long ago all they have is trinket spirituality if not flat out devil worshiping

  7. Great insight , one look at the former marine and i find a broken man who after being chewd up and spit out by the machine he is left to battle his demons and somehow he makes it out without blowing his brains out , a man who sees clearly who the devil is and what really is right and wrong Gd bless him

  8. The last time we had a non-puppet government was during the time of Erbakan, He was wise and exposed the Great Israel Project as much as he could, also mentioned Illuminati is behind it, they took him down. Before him, Turgut Özal= poisoned. Before him, Adnan Menderes= killed after a coup, The officer of the Gladio, who involved in the coup is still popular amongst Nationalist morons. I believe even the Ataturk was killed by Inönü who was the best example of a puppet. Noone sees the truth, Noone cares. What a joke that is…

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