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36 Replies to “BREAKING: Life finally found on Mars. [Live 2018]”

  1. It was just too much of a project to return to the moon, so they just keep going to Mars instead. I guess that excuse of time and money is not valid, for not going back to the moon. Maybe disclosure is closer than we think, one can only dream.

  2. Sup guys! Love what you all do! May I suggest you check out Ben Davidson over at Suspicious0bservers.org for some insight on what is going on with the weather. Its all about Solar cycles, and the ancients knew it. Ben and his crew have been successful in predicting earthquakes using the sun and its connection to earth. Yes you heard correct they can predict earthquakes using science! People are starting to take notice, he has been published and peer reviewed. Anyways, I think you all are both amazing and both produce very well researched and high quality content. Sorry for the solicitation, just thought I'd throw it out there.

  3. Please go look into this meeting. I'm not sure how good your detective abilities are but if you can find out what was on the table out.. That would be great investigative researchers. Have great confidence in you both finding out the truth. Good luck 😎

  4. Edge of Wonder. The booms have been happening all over the world…along with other sounds… which I experienced this first hand! I live in Ohio and heard this loud sound.. for about 5mins maybe… but I went to a logical explanation even though it didn't sound exact…I thought my kids were having a tornado drill although they always send emails to let parents know when they are having one and I didn't receive one. So I went to pick my son up at 11:30 and asked him if they had one and he said no. I then went to eat lunch with my daughter in 2nd grade and asked her… she said no… I was boggled and went to the office and they confirmed…no drills!! Crazy!! There is a show on YouTube where a man took all the sounds recorded by people from around the world and put them together… and it made an incredible orchestra type sound! If you reply, I'll respond with the exact post if you want to check it out… it's pretty cool! Also, I was thinking about the amniotic fluid… Are you aware that on the same day that scientists announced we have TWO magnetic fields around the earth, that we also have a new strand of dna in our makeup that is completely unheard of until now? This came from a very credible source and Jacob Israel did a whole show on it recently when the news broke!! New dna… the fluid stuff… maybe no relation but the thought crossed my mind! Love watching you guys and thank you for all your hard work to share great information with us!!

  5. So excited to watch what you will be posting tomorrow, love your channel guys! However, you guys both need your OWN microphones! Sometimes frustrating to watch because I can’t hear what the other is saying when you guys have to share the mic. 🎤🎤

  6. Embryonic fluid would go bad in fluid unless kept cold and even then will after a week. That's why it's kept in sac around baby. It's the fluid that pours out of woman "my water broke" right before giving birth. I feel sick now. 😲

  7. Do think the "Booms" that people hear in PA, could be like the Gov. or Corp. companies digging under ground tunnels. Like the ones you guys were talking about when you were at the Denver Intl. Airport? Since it all seems to be in the same general area?

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