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36 Replies to “Breaking News: “Vatican Exorcism Convention” (New World Order Revealed) Gary Kah”

  1. Regarding the occult. Don't knock it until you've tried it. Someone who's never done it has no wisdom to speak against it. I've messed with occult stuff, it's really harmless. What power is greater than God?? None.

  2. paul i love you but nasa has been proven to have been lying to us all these years we are living on a flat earth and ive prayed about it and re read Gensis and God said in creation that there is water above and below the firament

  3. Thank you pastor Begley for your ministry. I have been subscribed to your channel for quite some time now. Pastor please pray for me and my family, We need prayers for healing, addictions, legal matters and most importantly salvation for members of my family. Thank you so very much. I truly appreciate your ministry. God bless you.

  4. Always love your Salvation station online church and listening also, especially when you say the word IRAN and how it cracks me up. Thank you Pastor Paul and Thank God for His calling on you to do His Will. Love you all!

  5. @Paul Begley and folks. have an urgent prayer request. Paige, a 19yr old college student, in hospital with liver failure. not looking good. Was due to graduate in 23 days. Liver failure is NOT from drugs or alcohol. If she doesn't make it very concerned about her soul. I will post this on a couple of vids and try to get in on live tonight

  6. It's not just Africa with demonic artifacts. Cannibalism is only recorded in Europe. Europe is extremely satanic, and the cold caused many to mutate because God created the sun to keep us healthy. That's where you get the history of Dracula. He was real. And he was European.

  7. I've done this once and it was very successful, but second time, yeah it backfired, as Jesus name is evoked, she got to the point that she was getting sick which is normal and nauseous normal, she would not gag it out on the ground , so she runs into the person's house that we were visiting, I will say we were at my first homemade Indian gathering of half-breeds and wannabes but it was sort of fun, So back to the story, she goes and the house and a few minutes later she came out she had to red pupils for eyes and snarling and growling and scratching the air, her husband asked me what did you do, I said , Demonic was manifesting, she wouldn't let it out of her body,
    She out of her mind.
    That was the last time , I do understand the power of God. since I don't know the lady,
    I don't know what happened , but she early kept saying she was being tormented by demons or something of that affect, so I told her well you can take care of that right now and I did, We weren't ready or prepared for the manifesting demonstrating spirit, just thinking about it I have never seen anything like that go off in church when we pray for people to be released from the demonics .
    Just because God gives you the authority and the power to do something pray before you extend your hand and start casting out, make sure you have some backup that standing with you on it, I pray that she is all right. That was a real bad experience ,
    I choose not to do it again, I still pray for my family, I do in the name of Jesus , I deal with my husband and my family issues.

  8. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh a former Gov insider.. FYI.. PEEPS.. When you get a security clearance.. and then leave the employer from which you receive it.. YOU ARE DEBRIEFED… and what this means.. YOU'RE PROHIBITED FROM SPEAKING ABOUT OR TO ANYTHING WHICH VIOLATES THE TERMS OF YOUR SECURITY CLEARANCE AGREEMENT! So.. Ol Gary aint telling you anything that you as John Q Public cant find out on their own

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