Pope Francis calls all Catholics for a prayer crusade in response to the 4 page statement released by Archbishop Vigano!

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  1. Pope Francis has mocked the account of God creating Eve in Genesis.

    Francis has joked that Bishops miters resemble burlamacco the Clown's hat

    Francis has mocked theology.
    Francis has joked that he is a Jew. Francis routinely makes fun of the church.
    Francis said jokingly he is a devotee of the broom.
    Francis has a new papal crozier that is a witches stang.
    Francis says to reporters on a plane I don't go to the doctors but to the witch.
    Francis has said publicly that one cannot insult or make fun of other people's faith or religion but routinely makes fun of the Catholic religion. Francis has told several Blasphemous jokes about our Lord.
    Francis told a Blasphemous joke about the Holy Trinity.
    Francis made a Blasphemous joke about Saint Peter's crucifixion
    Francis mocked and altar boy for his piety
    Francis Mocked the confirmation ceremony with a joke
    Francis joked about papal protocol.
    Francis taught his godson how to swear and laughed as this godson swore in the middle of mass.
    Francis joked to his rabbi Handler that he was trapped in Rome when elected.
    Francis made a Blasphemous comment from his own mouth and said quote inside the Holy Trinity they're all arguing behind closed doors but on the outside they give the picture of unity.
    Francis honored an abortion activists at the Vatican.
    Francis help legalize euthanasia in Italy Francis wants to change our Lord's Prayer the Our Father prayer
    Francis says Jesus is made serpent devil and sin by Don curzio nitoglia.
    Francis gave a reproduction of Buddha's life to the president of Myanmar as a gift.
    Pope Francis on a throne of Bones. Francis will not kneel during mass Francis calls Jesus and the cross a scandal and a failure who was a Sinner.
    Francis says Jesus is metaphorical not literal.
    Francis defends Judas and says he was only a sinner but no worse than anyone else.
    Francis has decreed that everyone can make up their own mass and sacraments.
    Francis says God has instructed him to revise the Ten Commandments.
    Francis has said God is an onion.
    Francis said that when God flooded the world in Noah's flood and later destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah that these deaths were just like anyone else's including ours because these people lived normal lives and that it's totally okay and nothing to worry about because when they die just like when we die Jesus will come and get us and say come come blessed by my father come with me the people who were killed at Sodom and Gomorrah were received into heaven.
    Francis accused of protecting priests who raped children by Archbishop Vigano.
    Francis is a freemanson
    Francis is gay

    And much much more

  2. What is your agenda? To undermine the holy Father? You can't be a practicing Catholic!
    Vigano is a fraud who has tried to undermine the Roman Curia. A Pope is not just a Pope
    when you agree with him. What you are saying is blasphemy. I hope that the readers here can see through your baseless assertions.

  3. I think he is Francis the Fake, courtesy of the Illuminati. They must have had something over Pope Benedict and so he gave a mere 2 week notice and left. Then they put in their man, Francis the Fake. He is a Jesuit and Jesuits are not supposed to be popes. Furthermore, the person rallying the cardinals in favor of Francis was the infamous Cardinal McCarrick, whom Pope Benedict had stripped of his priestly powers but McCarrick defied and kept practicing them anyway. When Francis was voted in by the cardinals, Francis rewarded McCarrick by reinstating his priestly powers. Now, it is up to the laity to make certain that bad priests at ALL levels are removed.

  4. YJMJ I don't care what any retard eating hot wings said ; Whosoever advises you to Pray To the holy mother And the General of Heavens Army Is A friend of God's : back off all ! Satan can gain nothing in efforting his own demise Publicly. Ryder Gambit

  5. Hopefully this really is what Pope Francis is asking everyone to do bc in San Diego Nothing is really happening. Bishop McElroy denies knowing homosexual church St. John the Evangelist and New Waves ministries in the diocese. But nothing about encouraging St. Michael prayer, just his motto: "Who am I to judge and we are all called to Love." So sad but i pray for Mother Church.

  6. Pope Francis needs to go as well as at least half of all priests and most cardinals and bishops! The pedophilia has been going on for centuries and has been covered up for too long. The priesthood is a paradise for pedophiles.

  7. It' interesting that you, Catholics are concerned with well-being of your church. I'm glad that you're vigilant. But do you raise concern and pray when the Papacy tries to divide and conquer the Orthodoxy? I don't think so. Love and care is from God, but selfishness, craftiness and aggressivity is from the darkness.

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