Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation, Pope Francis & Climate Change, the Jesuit Oath, & the US Constitution

Donald Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh went from what many thought was a sure thing to the potential of him not being confirmed. Senate Republicans on Friday extended a counteroffer to Christine Blasey Ford to testify on Capitol Hill next Wednesday, amid negotiations over whether Ford will elaborate on her allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in public. Many believe that this will be a repeat of Clarance Thomas and Anita Hill. Me too movement is active in today’s society. Ford is demanding an FBI investigation prior to coming forward publicly regarding sexual misconduct allegations.

Throughout Christendom, Protestantism was menaced by formidable foes. The first triumphs of the Reformation past, Rome summoned new forces, hoping to accomplish its destruction. At this time the order of the Jesuits was created, the most cruel, unscrupulous, and powerful of all the champions of popery. Cut off from earthly ties and human interests, dead to the claims of natural affection, reason and conscience wholly silenced, they knew no rule, no tie, but that of their order, and no duty but to extend its power. (See Appendix.) The gospel of Christ had enabled its adherents to meet danger and endure suffering, undismayed by cold, hunger, toil, and poverty, to uphold the banner of truth in face of the rack, the dungeon, and the stake. To combat these forces, Jesuitism inspired its followers with a fanaticism that enabled them to endure like dangers, and to oppose to the power of truth all the weapons of deception. There was no crime too great for them to commit, no deception too base for them to practice, no disguise too difficult for them to assume. Vowed to perpetual poverty and humility, it was their studied aim to secure wealth and power, to be devoted to the overthrow of Protestantism, and the re-establishment of the papal supremacy. Great Controversy pg. 234

When appearing as members of their order, they wore a garb of sanctity, visiting prisons and hospitals, ministering to the sick and the poor, professing to have renounced the world, and bearing the sacred name of Jesus, who went about doing good. But under this blameless exterior the most criminal and deadly purposes were often concealed. It was a fundamental principle of the order that the end justifies the means. By this code, lying, theft, perjury, assassination, were not only pardonable but commendable, when they served the interests of the church. Under various disguises the Jesuits worked their way into offices of state, climbing up to be the counselors of kings, and shaping the policy of nations. They became servants to act as spies upon their masters. They established colleges for the sons of princes and nobles, and schools for the common people; and the children of Protestant parents were drawn into an observance of popish rites. All the outward pomp and display of the Romish worship was brought to bear to confuse the mind and dazzle and captivate the imagination, and thus the liberty for which the fathers had toiled and bled was betrayed by the sons. The Jesuits rapidly spread themselves over Europe, and wherever they went, there followed a revival of popery. Great Controversy pg. 235

But Romanism as a system is no more in harmony with the gospel of Christ now than at any former period in her history. The Protestant churches are in great darkness, or they would discern the signs of the times. The Roman Church is far-reaching in her plans and modes of operation. She is employing every device to extend her influence and increase her power in preparation for a fierce and determined conflict to regain control of the world, to re-establish persecution, and to undo all that Protestantism has done. Catholicism is gaining ground upon every side. See the increasing number of her churches and chapels in Protestant countries. Look at the popularity of her colleges and seminaries in America, so widely patronized by Protestants. Look at the growth of ritualism in England and the frequent defections to the ranks of the Catholics. These things should awaken the anxiety of all who prize the pure principles of the gospel. Great Controversy pg 565, 566

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  1. Why is it okay for adult Catholic men to complain about sexual abuse by Catholic (male) priests that occurred over 35 years ago but it is not okay for an adult Catholic WOMAN to complain about sexual abuse by a Male Catholic that occurred over 35 years ago!!!

  2. Thank you, again, David, for exposing the Jesuits. There is a woman named Leuren Moret from Berkley, CA who has many you-tube vidoes out there–also exposing the Jesuits–and she doesn't even claim to be a Christian. But she has studied them well and realizes the truth about all the horrors they are responsible for over the past many centuries. They are incredibly evil and aren't followers of Jesus at all. Instead they are satanists. Their mission is to confuse the unaware and to destroy those who would expose the truth about them. Please check out Leuren's videos. They are incredible. She also has a web site. You can find it by doing a search online.

  3. mom 2 my 3,
    No, not all Catholics are Jesuit, and a great number of them don't know about th' Jesuit Order, and most of the Catholic flock that have heard of the Jesuit, don't know much about them, except that they're another Roman Catholic Order, ie; Marist, Dominican, Franciscan, ect,
    The Jesuit Society, for worldly appearance, th' J is for Jesus, but inwardly th' J is for Jesuit, Society of Jesuits … The military arm of the Roman Catholic Church ,,, Isa,10; Jude;4.
    1Tim, 4:1-3.
    Ps; ,,,, to my knowledge all Jesuit clergy are under the Jesuit oath, as are I've been informed Lay Jesuits, also ,,,,

  4. Hi Pastor House, I never heard of the word Jesuit until last year. In order for a person to be Jesuit do they have to take the oath? And is it true to say not all Catholics are Jesuit or even know about this? My family on my fathers side are all Catholics. As a teenager I had to go to the Catholic Church. I didn’t do so well there because I knew about the Ten Commandments and I would ask and I never understood why they spoke about Mary so much. The nuns were always annoyed by me. Thank God for protecting me. I don’t say this to be disrespectful about my family but I don’t ever remember any of them reading their Bible and they never went to church with us. They would drop the kids off and we would just be there confused and wondering what was the point. Thank you so much for preaching. I am learning. I watch Saved to Serve and your channel. I have learned more in year than I have in a couple decades as a Christian. God bless you and your family.

  5. Pastor, can you clarify a few things for me please? When our names come up in the investigative judgement is that the close of probation for us before sunday law? If so what is the full purpose of the general close of probation before the plagues? Is our fate sealed before the sunday law or at the sunday law? From what ive read our characters are sealed at the sunday law but not sure if people can be saved or lost after mark of the beast crisis?

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