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1:15 Our guest speaker for today is Paul Gaudreau
4:29 The fact that I’m not from here is the secret to my salvation
6:25 Let go of your resistance and need for control and buckle up and trust
7:03 Pauly G talks about his greatest point of awakening and how it took tremendous trust
13:17 Workbook Lesson 388, “I Am Affected Only by My Thoughts”
16:30 Our job is to remember the light
25:57 When we find ourselves at a bottom, we have to be willing to give everything up
29:39 Closing circle
33:08 You must look at your most deepest darkest inner stuff in order to see your light

Buckle up and Trust

Today our guest speaker is Lisa Natoli’s long-time friend and fellow student of Endeavor Academy, Pauly G. Pauly dives into the topic of trust with humor, realness, and passion. He shares the biggest point of awakening that occurred in his life, the inner transformation he’s experienced, and how this taught him about the true meaning of trust.

Pauly also goes over the teachings from Workbook Lesson 388 “I Am Affected Only by My Thoughts” from A Course in Miracles. He has lived this message and is here to shares it’s practical and simple nature with us all. Get ready to laugh, relate, and buckle up and trust. Welcome to the Friday Group! Check out our FREE 10 Day Stress Detox and eliminate stress once and for all. Register to see the Friday Group live.


One Reply to “Buckle up and Trust”

  1. The Couse says that when you wake-up from the "dream" aka the real world, your body will magically melt away. When asked an actual "Teacher of God" about this phenomenon of melting bodies, here is the reply I received, before my "Teacher of God" blocked me from asking anymore questions. ]
    """The reference here is not the physical body will melt away but you will transcend a belief or image of yourSelf as a body and you are transported to the experience of knowing the Truth that you are Not a body but you are Pure Spirit made in the image and likeness of God as His Son the Christ."""

    So far all you out there studying the Course. No "experience of knowing the Truth" will keep you from either; getting old and dying or dying prematurely by some tragic event or sickness. Either way your "experience of knowing" will not keep you from experiencing death first hand. You will die.

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