Building a Bridge: Revised and Expanded Edition

A new revised and expanded edition of “Building a Bridge” is now available. It includes almost 40% new material, featuring a new introduction that answers the most common questions and critiques about the book.

It also includes more facts and statistics to help us understand the LGBT experience, especially regarding violence, suicide and bullying and more biblical meditations and reflection questions to help everyone deepen their relationship with God, and one another.

Most of all, it includes more stories from LGBT Catholics who invite us all to listen and learn.

For more information about the book:

Additional Video: Owning our Faith –
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  1. Thank you for your work on this important issue, Fr. Martin. Too many Catholics are slamming the doors of the Church in the face of our LGBT brothers and sisters, effectively turning the Church into an insular club of hypocrites who view themselves as perfect. We’re all in need of God’s mercy, from Pope Francis to Cardinal Sarah, from Fr. Martin to our parish priest, and from the average parishioner to people in LGBT community who are seeking God. Love one another, everyone, as God loves you!

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