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Part 1 Description: Wayne Jett rejoins the show to discuss the Storm that has hit Washington. It appears that the Cabal is desperate to keep the Mueller probe documents concealed at almost all costs. Jett discusses the evidence that points to an ongoing dismantling of the corrupt worldwide cabal; from over 51,000 sealed indictments to the alleged downing of 3 communication satellites.

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26 Replies to “Cabal’s Desperate Deal: Kavanaugh for Non Disclosure with Wayne Jett”

  1. Everything dark and everyone in power ( the bad guys) are surfacing to get healed in the way. High vibrations are in and sweeping the floor! We are Uniting and high frequencies are going to change their DNA for better, to be a good Soul.All of them and that’s what they are afraid of if, to be good! Just saying.

  2. MSM is covering up again. MS. Ford is not a doctor of anything. She may be a "research psychologist" and teacher. Dropping the word 'research' and claiming to be a doctor is a crime in Calif. Her actual name may be Paula Ford… working for an abortion pill factory as per her husband's Face Book page. Her whole family up and including her grandpa is CIA. So, think, She may be an MK Ultra victim of mind control. Her brother works for Fusion GPS who was key in making up the Russian Dossier fiasco. Guess what? She had lots to lose. So she being a leftist shill played her hand with lots of mistakes. (under oath) So, time to throw this "lady" in jail.

  3. I laugh when I hear people speak about the ruling families. They never answer THE question. Why do the white, wealthy, elite and multiple royal families support the Islamization of the western countries over which they rule? Nobody will touch this question with a 10 ft pole. LOL!!

  4. The sad thing is will be that the idiot masses take what's being told to them in the biased/liberal media at face value with out even trying to think for them selves or look at the situation objectively when it comes to these "he said, she said" things about Kavanaugh. So, we have citizens that believe whole heartedly that he did actually try to rape this woman. America has gone down the tubes man.

  5. Qanon is a fraud, a hoax, a deception – Qanon says they are military intelligence – your guest is quoting Qanon, OH BOY, he should do his research on Qanon who are Patriot Soapbox BTW – it's too bad these people from Patriot Soapbox do not come clean and say it is their opinions & their research, but to say it's military intelligence is FAKE – patriots are being lied to, their emotions are being manipulated & they are scammed of their $$ believing Qanon works closely with President Trump – give me a break !!!!

  6. This is a good nformative video, but it is way far to slow in presenting facts, and also in its conclusions about who is who on what is happening with the Kavanaugh situation, and the Muller documents declassification… Go and watch the videos of the
    American Intelligence Media right in their channel to have a deeper view and understanding of the things this Sarah Westall’s video is only scratching on the surface… Here is a little video, only 3 minutes, for you to whatch… The truth willmake you free ; God bless us all in our fight against tyrannic powers and their cabals.

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