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42 Replies to “Carbon Copy-The Return Part 1by Nicholson1968”

  1. Prophecy is sticky business all you guys with these prophecy channels cmon GET READY STAY READY. when are we done trying to sway the masses? and then in doing so who do you want these scoffers to believe The Holy prophecies or your own special little way of entertaining fence sitters till the hour of the time. Go out there and record some of God's beauty as to call some true soldiers in defense. It's not hard to get people to fight for The Winner or is it? Hey some want to burn in Hell and smell good… LET EM. STAY PRAYED UP

  2. hi Nicholson! the center is in reference to your bedtime stories video. excellent video. I liked the shout-out you gave two games exposed. those video games are very violent and they all have hidden messages that are in plain sight. thanks Nicholson love your work love all that you do keep making all this great content more people need to know everyone needs to know Renee Baltimore Maryland #we do not consent

  3. Good Job! It really is all about Transhumanism…completing the lie of the Serpent – "Thou shalt not surely die" —thing is you have to give up your Human, God given body and be locked into this reality and the artificially constructed ones that are separate from God's Creation… Seems kinda like dying to me.

  4. They ascend through a network of wickedness, satanic rituals, pedofilia, cannibalism, humanity altering technologies, deceit such as men pretending to be women (like this oxman with his Adams apple who no surprise is dating brad Pitt), profaning the True Messiah with lies,…the multifaceted great deception.

    Christ has become our saving grace, True salvation, Praise be to The Most High, YHWH. The Only Creator Wins in the end. Some say the tribulation is here, I say it is truly The Great Purification, when Christ comes, these entities shall finally disappear from among followers of Christ. I will be happy living forever in The Truth without any lies. Choose Truth, Choose Christ, for what is to come.

  5. I find it strange that Netflix is releasing so many movies that include fallen angels and cloning. A good example is B: the beginning, an animated series based on the cloning and inbreeding with angels. It has a LOT of all seeing eye symbolism and grievous murders.

  6. Just want to add to this … I keep seeing the commercial for Shriner's Children's Hospital with all the kids having prosthetic legs and arms .. SMH. They are combining kids with AI and ppl don't see this if they are not awake.

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