CASHLESS SOCIETY: Cryptocurrency, A.I & The Mark of The Beast

Dr. Michael Lake joins Sheila on a jaw dropping exposé! Could it be possible that the rise and popularity of cryptocurrency is a vivid precursor of the end time Bible fulfillment of cashless state-controlled “666” totalitarian new world order society as mentioned in the Book of Revelation? MAY 16, 2018

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Sheila Zilinsky aka The Weekend Vigilante® is an independent conservative Christian media analyst who for 10 years has been boldly waging war on the new world order. Her show examines news and world events under the lens of a Biblical World View. Her books have earned her international recognition. She was awarded a People’s Choice Award for Top Female in independent media 5 years consecutive. The Vancouver Sun touted her as, ‘the only woman in talk radio with a titanium spine and a heart of gold.’

Power Prayers: Warfare That Works
Green Gospel: The New World Religion

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  1. Love Dr. Lake's teachings. I've been studying is video series on "Understanding The Kingdom" on his biblibalife YouTube channel. I highly recommend it for all true believers. Start with the first video (part 1). Worth your time for sure. Thank you for having him on your show, Sheila ❤️🙏❤️

  2. Dr. Michael Lake was great! Thank you for having him on your show. There have been some people on your show that seemed so how would I put it, overly religious, dry, and downright scary; one guy in particular whose name I can't remember who made me feel like no matter what I do or don't do I'm going to go to hell! But dr. Michael Lake is firm, righteous, and you can just feel the warmth like he's a good guy. Well done and well said!

  3. Sheila Zilinsky WATCH William Mount – EUROPE Dumps The Dollar For OIL Trade for Chinese Yuan GOLD Back – Rothchild Federal Reserve will crash = Banks will close until BLOCK Chain Cryptocurrency Banking Debate Card – All GOLD & Silver will be OUTLAWED once again and put into the WORLD Bank making That Cryptocurrency GOLD BACK … Banks will be crashing very soon & Dirty Bombs will activate UN Troops and National Guard within the US forcing citizens into FEMA Detain Centers then placing people within Smart Cities unable to leave, forced vaccines and chips – FEMA Labor Battalions will be used for those who will need Slaves/Surfs = All travel will be shutdown written within the FEMA Training Manual

  4. Looking forward to your website launch, pretty soon all Christians will be purged from sites like this and we need a way where we can hear people like you and you guests in our home preaching the message of God Sheila. God bless.

  5. Yes but they are not real Hebrews you know that right they are fake Jews and they are the ones behind NWO ..This is all over land that belongs to the real Hebrews cannot return to Christ returns Who is behind the Transgender for kids the Jews the fake Jews.

  6. WHAT ABOUT ACTS 2 VS 38 have you been baptised in the name of JESUS Christ THE NAME OF JESUS is important it has power it must be used in baptism to be saved check the United Pentecostal Church if you need help with anything

  7. This Voice of God technology i believe is being used on evangelical Christians and has been for a long time. The very clear and distinct messages than some 'prophets' are receiving and sharing w the Body of Christ, and the colloquial language 'God' uses is too often at variance w the still small voice our creator communicates w/ most of us who recognise His presence in our lives IMO

  8. How many minutes have to pass before Sheila mentions those evil Naartziz? LOL! It's EVERY SHOW, it'd make for agood drinking game – those evil Naaaartziz. When the corporate media and education system spends all their time demonising them, maybe those evil Naaartziz weren't such a bad lot? After all, they WERE at war w the ''evil'' victors Sheila and co rightly rail against and who write the history and bombard us 24/7/365 w/ these caricatures of evil Naartzi devils and black magicians

  9. The note on the frequencies: this makes Jesus' exhortation very clear why we should pray quietly and not publicly because God speaks on a different frequency. This also means that we should be in a location where there is minimal electronic interference to distort God's frequency – very important here. That is why we can't here God is because of the distortions. Thank you! Eyeopening and now earopening – excellent!

  10. Crazy
    I was praying earlier for God to save the north Koreans because I figured they were globally isolated to the Word. According to Dr. Mike, it seems as usual, the Lord is on the throne, bringing the kingdom!

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