1. Is this just coincidence? Out of all the examples when it comes to occult statues in the whole wide world you`ve chosen to show the Mary statue of my old church in Dortmund, Germany, in the area where i live in Germany at 1:40.

    I know this church very, very well and there`s even a hall way behind the church where you can find a giant cross with a fake Jesus on it with a small box in front of it so you can give a tip after you`ve prayed to this satanic thing. The first thing you see when you come into this church are very expensive magazines with "christian" content.

  2. There's a lot of satanic symbols under the vatican!  Svali (when she was 12) saw a boy (4 years) killed under the vatican!  The pope can't do exorcisms-HE DOESN'T BELIEVE IN OUR SWEET LORD JESUS CHRIST!  Worshipping Mary is idol worship!

  3. That would explain why the Catholic church protected & did not punish child molesting priests. Instead of removing them from the church, they would move them to another town to molest more children.

  4. the truth never sleeps i really love your videos man i wish i could meet you 1day cause i did so many bad things in my life i hope god forgives me ,your videos really mean a lot 2 me thankyou please keep up the good work and may god give you a doubble blesing (sorry if my english is'nt verry good)

  5. I like the videos, your messages are powerful and full of knowledge, but am turned off by hearing all the saliva filling up in your mouth. It just grosses me out. (My opinion not hating you are anything)

  6. I am Catholic by marriage (born an Anglican) and in my quest to find a good church or place of worship, I've studied about the foundation of most churches and found that all churches have something that seem to attach them to what you are discussing here (if you look deep, that is). From my findings also, I've concluded that there is no church that is squeaky clean and free from demonic practice/oppression! Among the 12 disciples for instance, was Judas Iscariot and that is how it is today; in the midst of God's people, you will find demons operating through those who have left their souls open and they are found at every level (both elders of the church and congregation).Trust me, I've attended some Pentecostal Churches too and I tell you there's nothing different for there were somethings I experienced there that made me return back to the Catholic church but this time I serve God in Spirit and Truth and there are things I do not partake of if my Spirit does not lead me to partake. That is why everyone must know the living God personally and know who His Son Jesus Christ is also so you do not get carried away. So bro, its not only the Catholic church; it is in all places of worship. Even those who do not bow before any statues, do far sinister things in their closets… devilish things far worse that holding a cross or bowing before a statue; things that make the hair behind your ear stand. Please people know God, and how do you know if you do not study HIS words as contained in the BIBLE? Read your Bible and invite the HOLY SPIRIT our guide and teacher to help you understand GOD's words and help you keep God's words. Watch and Pray people for time is far spent!

    Do not forget this… in the end, God won't ask you which church you attended or who was your pope or who was your pastor or church elder! All He'll be interested in is YOU alone …the type of life you led while on earth and your believe in CHRIST. If you truly know and love JESUS CHRIST, you will hardly want to live in sin! You will love sincerely and care for every soul around. Think about this.

  7. I was a Catholic once in my teens and went to the Catholic school and would go to mass each Sunday and got confirmed but I was not saved by doing all those things which included confession. There was a priest called Welsh who had like some long hair and would swear and I even one time saw him drink a beer as I lived right near the school and the church and he was outside in the back area. It shows you what this church is about and it is not a real church. I heard that he ran off with two woman so he must have quit being a priest. I woke up to this church many years later and see their occult images and all
    that stuff that is not from God like forgiving sins by confession and graven images.

  8. people do not need a building to pray to their god, He is everywhere and can hear people wherever they are. Religious buildings are there to make money from the poor to give to the rich priests etc.

  9. Catholics changed the Sabbath to Sunday which is a pagan day of worshipping the sun. they encouraged changed Yeshua Hamashiac to Jesus the messiah. They also created Easter and Christmas which is totally pagan. And other churches went along with it to deceive the masses. I just recently learned this so I'm becoming a messianic Jew

  10. I do not believe that what you are proposing is 100% truth but I do know one thing. Catholicism promotes the pope too much–even to the point of him being infallible. It has been clear that God is the only one who is without sin. Calling a human sinless, no matter the religious rank, is blasphemous in my eyes.

  11. yet while is true what you speak…..have you not found our savior is a Hebrew not a greek……jesus is greek and is zues…….seek ALLLLLLL things and truth……lord is English for Ba'al. …..Stop using pegan names

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