Catholic Identity Conference 2018 On-Demand

Remnant TV has a SPECIAL OFFER for you! Next week is the Catholic Identity Conference 2018 out in Pittsburgh. But all this week, RTV is offering an early-bird special for folks who can’t make the CIC. For just $20 you can get high-quality On-Demand Video of the entire 3-day conference, plus bonus interviews. Join The Remnant, LifeSiteNews, Catholic Family News, the Lepanto Foundation in Rome, radio personality Mike Church, Elizabeth Yore, Chris Ferrara, John Rao, priests from the SSPX, the FSSP, the Good Shepherd and Chorbishop Anthony Sinosa for a Christ-centered and militant Catholic conference. Tired of the crazytown nonsense going on in Rome? So are we! Sign up right here right now and let’s fight back together:


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  1. I am not giving any more money. The illegal aliens have taken over our local parish. We, the long time people, are expected to pay. I am getting out and leaving. Let them pay for all this mess. I am done. I hope they all get deported and the clergy get jailed.

  2. IMO Catholic Identity first and foremost, must be based on the Kingdom of Heaven. That we as confirmed/chrismated Catholics are acutal citizens in the Kingdom of Heaven with Jesus as King and Mary as Queen. Also Catholic Identity must never forget and always recognize that the Catholic Church is the direct continuation of the Kingdom of Judah/Israel. Also Roman/Latin rite Catholics most recognize that their are other valid and autonomous Churches in the Kingdom of Heaven with a valid priesthood and with a valid sacrafice, with real sacraments, that may or may not be in communion with the seat of St Peter. They are all also part of the Kingdom of Heaven doing our Kings Jesus Christ work on the earth. Also Roman Catholics most remember that the Novus Ordo rite is a made up rite, its not a valid, nor an ancient apostolic rite(invented in the 1960s), meaning that its not a catholic rite. In fact it was artifically insemenated into the church in the 1960s in the Vatican II council and with subsequent spirirt.

  3. There are those of us elderly who are on an extremely tight budget and who can't subscribe even for that small amount. Will the Conference eventually be put up to view for those of us who depend on your information to keep abreast of what's happening in Holy Mother Church? God bless all you do Michael.

  4. Just subscribed! I subscribed to the 2017 CIC on-demand earlier this year and was very enriched by all the wonderful speakers. Needless to say I'm looking forward to watching this year's talks too!

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