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There has been a conspiracy within the Jesuit/Catholic system to overthrow The King James Bible with Hundreds of corrupted, counterfeit “new” versions of the bible. This documentary proves this point, and also covers why the destruction of the bible is necessary to implement the one-world religious system and government.


49 Replies to “Catholic/Jesuit Conspiracy to Terminate The Word of God”

  1. This man made region has a lot of explaing to God why they make God words void. They are taking a lot of weak minded people to HELL. THEY have to most money and the pope lives in high wallsprivite security he is also know as the man of SIN!.

  2. And, another parable the Protestants and Adventist's are likened to the rebellious and the righteous children of a great King, who having built one great spacious house, for all his children to live together, hid many valuable goods from the wicked children, lest they find them and stomp on them to destroy the valuables. And, the King having hid them from the wicked children, openly showed the righteous ones where the valuables were kept. But, the wicked children being full of envy and rebellion, claimed that there were no valuables, because they were not able to find the hidden ones. Therefore, they greatly slandered and cursed the King and his Household lest anyone should go there and be given eternal life in the house of the Lord. And, being unprofitable and full have hate, they went out of the king's house and to build their own, saying to others, "our house is better than the one the King built" and alluring away the righteous ones from the king's house with many deceitful words. And, being that their houses are weak and shabby, each one tried to build another better than the other in the sand of sola scriptura. Claiming each one was better than the others.

    And, when the King returned home to his house, he praised the faithful, because He is faithful. But, a great fiery wind came and burned up the houses of the wicked and everyone in them, who despised the King's house and wasted their lives laboring and building the many houses of the wicked. He that has an ear, let him hear. There is one house built upon the Apostles and the Prophets, Christ being Chief Cornerstone, and no other house can be built again that is greater than His wherein are the hidden things of God.

  3. We have two Catholics who had low status and no influence write a book that protestants who hate say is against the bible !! So what ?? You have to feel sorry for those who take the hate preachers seriously …

  4. You want the Truth, I'll give you the truth, In the ORIGINAL WRITINGS, there was NEVER a GOD, there NEVER was a JESUS and there NEVER was a mother MARY! These are ALL FICTITIOUS MAN MADE ENTITIES. You catholic's are PRAYING TO FAIRY TALES!

  5. List of English Catholic martyrs:

    John Almond, priest, 1612[2]
    Edmund Arrowsmith, Jesuit priest, 1628
    Ambrose Edward Barlow, Benedictine priest, 10 September 1641[3]
    John Boste, priest, 24 July 1594[4]
    Alexander Briant, Jesuit priest, 1 December 1581
    Edmund Campion, Jesuit priest, 1 December 1581
    Margaret Clitherow, laywoman, 25 March 1586[5]
    Philip Evans, Jesuit priest, 1679
    Thomas Garnet, Jesuit priest, 1608
    Edmund Gennings, priest, 1591
    John Griffith (alias Jones), Franciscan friar, 1598
    Richard Gwyn, layman, 1584
    John Houghton, Prior of the London Charterhouse, 4 May 1535
    Philip Howard, Earl of Arundel, layman, 1595
    John Kemble, priest, 1679
    Luke Kirby, priest, 30 May 1582
    Robert Lawrence, Prior of the Beauvale Charterhouse, 4 May 1535[6]
    David Lewis, Jesuit priest, 1679[2]
    Anne Line, laywoman, 1601
    John Lloyd, priest, 1679
    Cuthbert Mayne, priest, 1577
    Henry Morse, Jesuit priest, 1645[2]
    Nicholas Owen, Jesuit lay-brother, 1606
    John Payne, priest, 1582
    Polydore Plasden, priest, 1591[2]
    John Plessington, priest, 1679
    Richard Reynolds, Brigittine monk of Syon Abbey, 4 May 1535[7]
    John Rigby, layman, 1600
    John Roberts, Benedictine priest, 1610
    Alban Bartholomew Roe, Benedictine priest, 1642
    Ralph Sherwin, priest, 1 December 1581
    John Southworth, priest, 1654
    Robert Southwell, Jesuit priest, 1595[2]
    John Stone, Augustinian friar
    John Wall, Franciscan priest, 1679[2]
    Henry Walpole, Jesuit priest, 1595[2]
    Margaret Ward, laywoman, 1588
    Augustine Webster, Prior of the Axholme Charterhouse, 4 May 1535
    Swithin Wells, layman, 1591
    Eustace White, priest, 1591[2]
    Sir Thomas More and Bishop John Fisher
    Alexander Briant, Edmund Campion, John Houghton, Luke Kirby, Robert Lawrence, Cuthbert Mayne, John Payne, Richard Reynolds, Ralph Sherwin, John Stone, Augustine Webster – making a total of 54.

    Thomas Abell, priest, 30 July 1540[8]
    Richard Bere, Carthusian monk, 9 August 1537
    Thomas Cottam, Jesuit priest, 30 May 1582
    John Davy, Carthusian, 8 June 1537
    William Exmew, Carthusian monk, 19 June 1535
    John Felton, layman, 8 August 1570
    Richard Fetherston, Archdeacon, 30 July 1540
    William Filby, 30 May 1582
    Thomas Ford, 28 May 1582
    John Forest, Franciscan friar, 22 May 1538
    German Gardiner, layman, 7 March 1544
    Thomas Green, Carthusian, 10 June 1537
    William Greenwood, Carthusian brother, 6 June 1537
    John Haile (or Hale), priest, 4 May 1535
    Everard Hanse, priest, 1581
    William Hart, priest, 1583
    William Horne, Carthusian lay brother, 4 August 1540
    Robert Johnson, priest, 1582
    Thomas Johnson, Carthusian, 20 September 1537
    Richard Kirkman, priest, 1582
    William Lacy (or Lacey), priest, 22 August 1582
    John Larke, priest, 7 March 1544
    Humphrey Middlemore, Carthusian monk, 19 June 1535
    John Nelson, priest, 1577
    Sebastian Newdigate, Carthusian monk, 19 June 1535
    Walter Pierson, Carthusian brother, 10 June 1537
    Thomas Plumtree, priest, 1570 – Chaplain to the Rising of the North
    Edward Powell, 30 July 1540
    Thomas Redyng, Carthusian, 16 June 1537
    Laurence Richardson (also known as Laurence Johnson[9]), 30 May 1582
    John Rochester, Carthusian monk, 11 May 1537
    Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury, laywoman, 27 May 1541
    Robert Salt, Carthusian brother, 9 June 1537
    Thomas Scryven, Carthusian, 15 June 1537
    John Shert, priest, 1582
    Thomas Sherwood, layman, 1579
    John Story, Chancellor to Bishop Bonner, 1571 – for high treason (for having supported the Northern Rebellion of 1569 and encouraging the Duke of Alba to invade)
    Richard Thirkeld, priest, 1583
    James Tompson, priest, York, 1582
    James Walworth, Carthusian monk, 11 May 1537
    Thomas Woodhouse, priest, 1573
    Hugh Faringdon
    John Beche, Abbot of Colchester, 1 December 1539[10]
    John Eynon, priest, 14 November 1539
    Hugh Faringdon, Abbot of Reading, 14 November 1539
    Adrian Fortescue, Knight of St. John of Jerusalem, 9 July 1539
    Roger James, Benedictine, 15 November 1539
    Thomas Percy, Earl of Northumberland, layman, 1572 – Leader of the Rising of the North
    John Rugg (or Rugge), Benedictine monk, 15 November 1539
    John Thorne, Benedictine monk, 15 November 1539
    Richard Whiting, Abbot of Glastonbury, 15 November 1539
    Henry Abbot, layman, 4 July 1597
    John Amias, priest, 16 March 1589[11]
    Robert Anderton, priest, 25 April 1586.[12]
    William Andleby, priest, 4 July 1597[13]
    Ralph Ashley, Jesuit priest, 7 April 1607[3]
    Thomas Aufield, priest, 6 July 1585[14]
    Christopher Bales, priest, 4 March 1590[15]
    Mark Barkworth, Benedictine, 27 February 1601[3]
    William Barrow,[16] alias William Harcourt, 20 June 1679
    James Bell, priest, 1584
    James Bird (or Byrd or Beard), layman, 25 March 1592
    John Bodey, priest, 2 November 1583[17]
    Thomas Bosgrave, layman, 4 July 1594[18]
    William Browne, layman, 1605
    Christopher Buxton, priest, died Canterbury, 1 October 1588[19]
    Edward Campion (also known as Gerard Edwards), 1 October 1588[19]
    John Carey, Dublin born lay helper of John Cornelius S.J., 4 July 1594[18]
    Edmund Catherick, priest, 1642
    James Claxton (Clarkson), priest, 1588
    Edward Colman (or Coleman), layman, 1678
    Ralph Corbie, Jesuit, 7 September 1644[3]
    John Cornelius, Jesuit priest, 4 July 1594[18]
    Ralph Crockett, priest, 1 October 1588
    Robert Dalby, priest, York, 16 March 1589[11]
    William Dean, priest, 28 August 1588[20]
    Francis Dicconson, priest, 1590
    Roger Dicconson, priest, 7 July 1591
    James Duckett, layman, 1601
    John Duckett, priest, 1644
    Thomas Felton, Franciscan, 1588
    James Fenn, priest, 1584
    John Fenwick, Jesuit priest, 1679[16]
    John Finch, 1584
    William Freeman, priest, 1595[21]
    Edward Fulthrop, layman, 1597
    John Gavan, Jesuit priest, 1679[16]
    Miles Gerard, priest, 1590
    George Gervase, Benedictine, 1608
    David Gonson (or Gunston), layman, 12 July 1541
    Hugh Green, priest, 1642
    John Grove, layman, 1679
    William Gunter, priest, 1588
    William Harrington, priest, 1594
    William Hartley, priest, 1588
    Thomas Hemerford, priest, 1584[2]
    Richard Herst (Hurst), layman, 29 August 1628
    John Hewitt, priest, 1588
    Sydney Hodgson, layman, 10 December 1591
    Thomas Holford, priest, 1588
    Thomas Holland, priest, 12 December 1642[3]
    Laurence Humphreys (or Humphrey), layman, 1591
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    John Ireland, priest, 7 March 1544[22]
    William Ireland, Jesuit priest, 1679[16]
    Edward James, priest, 1588[2]
    Edward Jones, priest, 1590
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    Richard Langhorne, layman, 1679
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    Richard Leigh, priest, 1588[2]
    John Lockwood, priest, 1642[2]
    William Marsden, priest, 25 April 1586[12]
    Richard Martin, layman, 30 August 1588
    John Mason, layman, 1591
    Thomas Maxfield, priest, 1616
    Anthony Middleton, priest, 1590
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    Hugh More, layman, 28 August 1588
    Robert Morton, priest, 1588[2]
    John Munden, priest, 1584[2]
    George Napper, priest, Oxford, 1610
    John Nutter, priest, 1584
    Edward Oldcorne, Jesuit priest, 1606[2]
    Francis Page, Jesuit, 1602
    William Patenson, priest, 1592
    John Pibush, priest, 1601
    Thomas Pickering, Benedictine, 1679
    Philip Powell, Benedictine, 1646
    Alexander Rawlins, priest, 1595
    Richard (Thomas) Reynolds (alias Green), priest, 1 January 1642[3]
    William Richardson, priest, 1603[3]
    John Robinson, priest, 1588
    John Roche, layman, 1588
    Patrick Salmon, layman, 4 July 1594[18]
    Maurus Scott (William Scot) 1612
    Edward Shelley, 30 August 1588,
    John Slade, layman, 1583
    Richard Smith, (also known as Richard Newport), priest, 1612[23]
    Thomas Somers, priest, 1610
    John Speed, layman, 4 February 1594
    William Howard, 1st Viscount Stafford, layman, 29 December 1680
    Edward Stransham, priest, 1586
    Robert Sutton, layman, 5 October 1588
    George Swallowell, layman, 26 July 1594
    Thomas Thwing, priest, 1679[16]
    Thomas Tunstall, priest, 1616
    Anthony Turner, Jesuit, 1679[2]
    Thomas Warcop, layman, 4 July 1597
    William Ward, priest, 1641
    Edward Waterson, priest, 1593
    Robert Watkinson, priest, 1602
    William Way (alias May or Flower), priest, 1588
    Thomas Welbourne, layman, 1 August 1605
    Thomas Whitbread, Jesuit, 1679[16]
    Robert Widmerpool, layman, 1 October 1588[19]
    Robert Wilcox, priest, 1 October 1588[19]
    Peter Wright, Jesuit, 1651
    Thomas Bullaker
    John Adams, priest, 8 October 1586[24]
    Thomas Atkinson, priest, 1616
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    William Gibson, layman, 1596
    Ralph Grimston, layman, 1598
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    John Hambley, priest, 1587
    Robert Hardesty, layman, 1589
    George Haydock, priest, 12 February 1584[2]
    Henry Heath, Franciscan priest, 1643
    Richard Hill, priest, 27 May 1590
    John Hogg, priest, 27 May 1590
    Richard Holiday, priest, 27 May 1590
    Nicholas Horner, l

  6. @ 53:54 – it's a picture of Anneken Hendriks, an anabaptist burned by protestants, in 1571 in Amsterdam, Holland. Image by Jan Luyken.

    It's a picture of an early baptist being burned by protestants!!!!

    Protestants killed more protestants than Catholics ever did!

  7. Do you know the textus receptus was a CATHOLIC document? The Textus Receptus originated with the first printed Greek New Testament, published in 1516 – a work undertaken in Basel by the Dutch Catholic scholar, priest and humanist Desiderius Erasmus. This edition of the New Testament represents the tradition of manuscripts of the New Testament as the one that the Orthodox Church has received and used without interruption since the 4th century.

  8. @ 20:57 – What is the meaning of the frog?
    Recent studies by an academic called Benjamín García-Hernández have shed light on the subject.
    It seems that the skull would represent Prince Juan (son of the Catholic Kings), who died in 1497 before turning 20, despite the many efforts of his doctor. The frog would represent the physician who treated him, Doctor Parra, giving the frog its nickname of “Parrita” (Little Parra).

    Nothing to do with Rev 16:13-14

  9. Its not a "conspiracy", its FACT Charlie – as soon as you label something as a "conspiracy" you loose all credibility and raise doubt and suspicion with the message you're trying to get across!

  10. It's a temptation to think others are evil out of fear, but it's is clearly wrong to throw people or groups into the fire as this video so graphically does. If a group loves the King James version they can celebrate it and just explain why — without having to turn it into a false icon and see conspiracy and evil everywhere else. Christ is the anchor of faith, not any one version of the Bible. No matter what the latest "emerging" fads are, the fads are not all that new. Anyone can continue to celebrate Protestant history and meanings without having to disparage other groups.

    No more hate. Ecumenism can be celebrated at the appropriate time and place, without having to deny any essential beliefs of one's own history or group. We all should stick with repenting from the evil of our own history. That should keep us all busy. No matter how Protestant you claim to be, your mothers and fathers for hundreds and hundreds of years were Catholic, hence your own history is Catholic. This is true of secularists also. No one can skip church history and be educated.

    What? You think God — or good — disappeared from history completely until the Protestant Reformation? In the same way, you find your own way as an adult yet you honor anything good in your parents, so we can do here. Yet, criticize specifically, with a full study of the facts, not one little video trying to scare people, not distortion and conspiracy theories. No more hate. Faith, not Fear.

  11. Excellent!!! This information no doubt can be verified by many sources as accurate. It is especially noteworthy that the men chosen to produce the translation of the "authorized" text were of sterling character. It must be unending shame to Catholics that their denomination murdered a true believer in the Lord Jesus Christ simply because he was an instrument in God's hands to preserve God's Word for untold numbers of readers.

  12. Most people including most Christians and even most Catholics also all are very ignorant of what the scriptures, the full word of GOD, (why not read ALL the books of scripture? Including all the apocryphal books) but most people haven't read it at all these days. I was one of them till I was in my early 30s and in the military is when I first really tried to learn the Bible, and the more I learned the more I've wanted to learn ever since, but most people don't ever even stop to really think about it. So the modern western person HAS NO IDEA WHAT THE POPE REALLY IS, we know he is antichrist by very definition. But most people today are truly ignorant of how clear the Bible is on this, what God thinks of this "Beast System".
    If we could just get them to be interested enough to start looking , and start learning of the Great Deception the luciferians are doing to the rest of the world. To us and our families.

  13. BTW. Martin Luther hated Jews and was a carousing drunk! Is your salvation based on his religion or on Jesus Christ the Torah made flesh that fills all the law in every respect! Not a jot or tittle will be removed from the word of God flash Tora!

  14. I strongly recommend that you stop basing your salvation on a man. I don't care what religion he is! Quit bastardizing all religions unless you're going to throw yours in there too, the pile of deplorables! Here's a shocker. Your if you ever make it to Heaven, There Will Be Muslims and Catholics there. You are so misled by your BS. WAKE UP INFIDELS!

  15. KNOW YOUR HISTORY FOLKS before you start spreading falsehood and making yourself look foolish. It was the Catholic Church that created the Canon of Scripture (the Bible). It was the Catholic Church that brought together the Textus Receptus that the KJV is based on. It was the Catholic Church that painstakingly and by hand copied and propagated the Bible throughout Europe.

  16. Praise to GOD for His faithful followers. "Father in heaven who created all things, and gave Your Son JESUS to die for me, I pray to be faithful to you even if I am called to be tortured and killed by the evil roman catholic church authorities and the powers that will join them. Let Your name be praised from the rising of the sun to the going down of the same forever and ever".

  17. The Jesuits created Jesus in 1615 so it's a pagan name and Christians are Pagans..The sacred name of the Son is Yahusha, which means Yahuah is Salvation.Our Messiah was a Hebrew of the tribe of Yahudah/Judah, so He had a Hebrew name he sacred name of the Father is YHUH, which can be spelled out as Yahuah. The Father has given us His personal name, but the enemy has caused Christians to use trite terms such as “Lord” and “God,” which pagan gods are also called.Over 100 times from Genesis to Revelation in the original Hebrew text, Scripture defines that the faithful followers are to “call upon the name of Yahuah.” The emphasis from His holy Word is that His faithful are to proclaim the true sacred name of Yahuah, the Most High, which is spelled from right to left in Hebrew as יהוה

  18. I strongly recommend that you copy this video and other videos that shed a truthfully ugly picture of what the Jesuits do and the church that founded them. Since all forms of media are owned by Jesuits it is only time before all videos like this will be removed to keep the world ignorant

  19. FACTS:

    1. English is not an original language.
    2. English is NOT the original language of the bible.
    3. English is a derivative of Latin.
    4. Reading the bible cover to cover in your language will not give you an 'understanding' of the bible.
    5. King James was a king who created a bible in his OWN name.
    6. The KJV is official bible of the Church of England.
    7. The current head of the Church of England is Queen Elizabeth II.

    wake up…

  20. Unfortunately, during the time of 1516, there were no original manuscripts left. If you study Criticism of the Greek and Hebrew Text, you would know that there are quite a few manuscripts where they differed in various areas.

    Also, Tyndale was not executed under the Catholic Church, Henry VIII had him executed and this was after Henry VIII broke away from the Catholic Church. Please get your facts strait. Also, Wycliffe should be credited for the English (Anglo Norman) edition; though it was not approved by the Catholic Church. However, this is not to say that the there were not any other Bibles which had been translated into other languages which were approved by the Church. For instance, around the 8th century the Catholic Church approved of the English Anglo Saxon translation.

  21. The amount of effort the Catholic Church is spending trying to erase this book only only builds their guilt. I find the Catholic Church loves the Pope more than God. The Vatican Bank, now there's a thing.

  22. What ever the TRANSLATION VERSION is- that which I observe these day ( as they teach in any denomination ) is far away and NOTHING TO DO WITH JESUS.

    I have experienced undue hardship from so many injustice and lie from these LIARS !


    I stay within the TORAH to keep away from CHRISTIAN FALSEHOOD !

    Both the CathoLic and PROTESTANT are QUESTIONABLE ??????

  23. Protestantism in the United States at its moronic best. The puritan turds and the know-nothings had a baby in a trailer park in Hicksville. Their progeny after a few centuries of heavy inbreeding and the result is this trash YT. Lacking intelligence or an education these imbeciles live believing every conspiracy theory as long as it confirms that already held idiotic beliefs. Thus their already wacky beliefs are further given credence and imbecility builds on idiocy.

  24. The Geneva Bible – the Pilgrim fathers favoured Bible, was more popular for hundreds of years – not the King James Version. The US didnt even print a full KJV until almost 1800, not that you bothered to ask permission from the Crown; the puritan favourite was the Geneva. There is romantic bias/deception in this story.

  25. This was an excellent presentation to which I can add nothing, it’s only a shame it has not been view by more people; something I will do my best to change. Allow me to offer all a look at It is my effort to take the LORD’S truth to the world as I believe the time is short and the hour is growing near when the LORD’S chosen watchmen will be taken away and His saved will be protected while the lost are consumed. We are told this is to come in the King James Version (KJV) Bible and one account of this is Ezekiel 9: 1-11. In Ezekiel 9: 1-2 we see the LORD calls six of His servants to His throne. Five of these I’m assuming are demons the LORD has brought from Satan’s domain because they enter from “…the higher gate, which lieth toward the north” which means they were not in heaven to begin with so we can safely assume the “north”, in this context, is speaking of Satan’s domain: Isaiah 14: 12-13. The sixth man was clothed in white linen which one would believe is the garb of an angel as the verses do not mention what the others wore. This angel had a writer’s inkhorn by his side and in Ezekiel 9: 3-4 the LORD tasks this one with marking all those who are “not” to be destroyed by the five beings with the slaughter weapons. These people the LORD has ordered marked are all those He will save from the damnation to come in the end but, they are “not” elect they are saved. After the LORD has ordered these marked He sends the five demons in Ezekiel 9: 5-7 to destroy everyone without the mark. Meanwhile in Ezekiel 9: 8-11 we see Ezekiel, who represents “all” those elect and chosen of the LORD, is already in heaven speaking with the LORD. Those who are saved are saved form the damnation to befall all the earth as you see in Isaiah 10: 17-19 they will constitute “…the rest of the trees of his forest” spoken of in Isaiah 10: 19 and the LORD will mercifully lay them to rest after the carnage in complete. The LORD tells us of these three types of mankind throughout the KJV Bible and as you read Isaiah 26: 19-21 you should see the LORD is telling us of the end for His chosen, His saved and those lost respectively; but, the enlightenment doesn’t stop there. The LORD also tells us of those lost from before the foundation of the world, Exodus 9: 15-17 and Romans 9: 8-13, and those given freewill who simply choose the wrong way, Isaiah 30: 9-11 and Jeremiah 2: 22-25, and these are the two groups that constitute lost mankind.

    I have written another ongoing work,, as it has been laid upon me to do for I see the end is near through both the LORD’S word and in the occurrences within this world. Study at these writings while you pray to the LORD for wisdom, understanding and knowledge of Him that He might open even more truth unto you and all of us who have eyes that see and ears that hear.

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