Interesting to note the next person in line of power is Speaker of House, John Boehner, another RCC Jesuit, educated at Xavier etc. They certainly have their bases covered.
United States Vice President, jesuit Catholic Joe Biden calls for a New World Order

Start research here, see, where it takes you…

Vatican Assassins

“The Secret History of the Jesuits”
by Edmond Paris
“Vatican assassins, wounded in the house of my friends”
by Eric Jon Phelps
and many other, hard to get or forbidden books on that subject.
also look at:
go to these these websites for revelation on the power of the black pope­l “50 Years in The Church of Rome” By Charles Chiniquy. “The Vatican Billions” By Avro Manhattan.
“The Vatican’s Holocaust” By Avro Manhattan.
“Viet Nam, Why did we go?” by Avro Manhattan;
“The Vatican in World Politics” by Avro Manhattan;
“The Secret Terrorists”
by universe6807


11 Replies to “Catholic Jesuit Joe Biden Calls for A NWO”

  1. they're getting ready to drop their "big foot"i.e. counterreformation on what's left of the remnant church! clowns like "rick warren"are doing the pope's bidding,now there are many others ,copeland,benny sin,and that whole apostate prosperity pack of wolves all in favor of evil while they stand opposed to anything good!!

  2. The whole music industry is illuminati controlled and thus jesuit controlled. Madonna is their queen, Tupac got killed (among others), Eminem made his last two albums of getting free from that, but i guess that is just whishful thinking. There is a nice interview from We Are Change with professor Griff on this topic, interesting to see:

  3. Even Wannabe-Lady-freakin-Gaga originates from a so called 'female equivalent to the Jesuits, or Society of Jesus' (wikipedia; Society of the Sacred Heart). "Sacred Heart". See and read this often. Explains how a lot of those People became famous.

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