CATHOLIC MASS PART 2: The Dogma of Transubstantiation

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After examining John 6:54 in context, the Catholic Dogma of Transubstantiation is exposed as idolatry.


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  1. Jesus not only STATED that he is referring to his body and blood, but when most walked away, he turned to his disciples asking if they too were going to leave? If he was speaking figuratively then why would he let people leave and then still ask the disciples if they also didn't believe it?

  2. I was in a discussion with a Catholic, and this Catholic was trying to explain transubstantiation. He used the changing of water into wine at the wedding feast as an example of transubstantiation. I had to remind him that Jesus really did perform a real miracle, Jesus really changed the water into real wine, it was not transubstantiation. I asked him why he used the wedding feast as an example knowing that transubstantiation doesn't change anything. He had no response. Catholics really don't know what they are talking about.

  3. Where in the bible does say you have to be saved, and accept Jesus as your personal lord and savior
    You do not understand the versus in st John gospel
    By the way your videos suck and
    Ur are an ugly nerd
    What needs to be exposed is ur ugly face
    U do not know your bible
    U know nothing

  4. Thank you for a good message of truth. Back in the day when Protestants were Protestants, before the successful Jesuit Counter Reformation castrated the churches of today, acceptance of the Eucharist was often a life or torturous death ultimatum for those saints caught up in the inquisitors clutches.
     Ironic but it seems many reformed Catholics are more Protestant than many of today's Protestants, but of course there's historical reasons for that.

  5. This is, of course, one of the reasons the Catholic Church hierarchy sought to keep the Bible in Latin [a dead language] so they could monopolize interpretation of the word through their controlled selected priesthood, and went to some very ugly lengths to do so. Thanks for explaining this.

  6. "When a fellow comes forward in all sorts of curious garments, and says he's a priest, the poorest child of God may say 'Stand away, and don't interfere with my office! I am a priest! I know not what you may be! You surely must be a priest of Baal! For the only mention of the word 'vestments' in Scripture is in connection with the temple of Baal!' " – C.H. Spurgeon

  7. My whole family is Catholic. I came out of this along time ago, but with a lot of back and forth. How do you tell this to your family? My 89 year old grandma who is pretty much set in her ways? Still a devout church goer… but it's the church of Satan! Although she does believe in Jesus Christ. And my Mom… if I showed my mom this she would be in denial and try tell me a bunch of crap. But the truth is in plain sight with plenty of evidence shown.

  8. All the years I spent in Catholic Church I never learned the word. A terrible waste and disservice! The last time I went to mass was years ago and about 45 minutes into mass I asked my mother, when is this priest going to start talking about Jesus? It was Christmas after all.

  9. Thank you brother in Christ Jesus. It is good to hear the true Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Bible. I'm also former catholic and i left because of idolatry but my husband and I are now born again Christian and i glorify our Lord Jesus Christ for it!  I shared to my family who are devoted catholic about the Gospel of our Lord Jesus in the Bible and sad thing they don't want to listen. I surrender now to Jesus that one day on His timing my family will have open heart to receive the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. I also pray for those who are still in bondage of catholic tradition. May our Lord Jesus guide and protect you all from all forms of false teaching and may the Holy Spirit show you the path of truth of Jesus Christ.

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