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  1. The Bush section with the Vatican bishops is not the same Vatican as with Pius Xll. Bush is a Trotskyite and Trotsky was a satanist. Skull and bones is also Satanic. After Vatican II the Church became the Church of Lucifer.

  2. There have been tons of FTM transgender transman Jesuit & Vatican High Priests cooperating with FTM transman Nazi Officers . Of course, there must be strong connections of FTM transman, Pope Pius XII and FTM transman, Chanselor Hitler !

  3. 1939, T. Bruppacher, Protestant minister: “While men who call themselves Christians have failed in the decisive tests, these unknown witnesses of Jehovah…are maintaining unshakable opposition against coercion of conscience and heathen idolatry. The future historian must some day acknowledge that not the great churches, but these slandered and scoffed-at people, were the ones who stood up first against the rage of the Nazi demon … They refuse the worship of Hitler and the Swastika.”

  4. This is no proof, just the illogical associations of a mind that sees conspiracies where there are none. As you watch something like this, ask yourself, "Is this a logical connection?" and "does this evidence demand this conclusion?" Look in to the references (any credible presentation will have references) and check their veracity and see if they point to the conclusion of the presentation.
    God gave us an intellect and a will and a rational mind. We should use them.
    "Hitler's Pope" is a myth.

  5. "Catholic Nazi Connections"… are a hoax rooted in the Satanic plans to destroy or at least damage the Catholic Church because he knows it is the Church Jesus built on the foundation of the Apostles.
    For the facts of the matter, google "The Myth of Hitler's Pope". It's by Rabbi Dalin. Basically, these myths were fabricated by a German playwrite in the 60's.

  6. The Romans never truly saluted like that, it was just an artist's rendering trying to put detail where there was none to be gleaned. I won't even tackle any of the comments or other "facts" in this video, but the music was indeed the best part.

  7. The "god" of this world is Satan. The Bible tells you this. Considering the Catholic Church's absoloutely vile past, whose church do you think it is?

    I also suggest you look up the ancient greek meaning of the word "anti" in Anti-Christ and compare that to what the Pope claims to be. Also, when you study it, who fits the description of the Whore of Babylon is in Revelation today?

  8. They can afford to be charitable, after all the Rothschild owned federal Reserve bank, recently, took only 2 weeks, to print up 13 trillion dollars. Furthermore, look at the centuries of shock, guilt, shame, blame, slavery & murder committed on their watch, in their name and under their system's influence.
    Religion has nothing to do with peace, love and understanding.

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