Catholic Mass celebrated by Father Ixon Chateau of Randolph, MA on the Memorial of Saint Denis, Bishop, and Companions, Martyrs.

-GAL 1:13-24
-LK 10:38-42

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8 Replies to “CatholicTV Mass: 10/9/18 | St. Denis, Bishop, & Companions, Martyrs”

  1. Thank you ever so much Fathers for such a beautiful celebration of the Most Holy Eucharistic Mass and so wonderful to have you both with us again in our presence today. In the words of Padre Pio, "Pray, hope and don't worry." God be with all of you now and forevermore. Amen.

  2. Thanks again & God be Praised in ALL THINGS…I keep reminding myself of the words of Jesus:"It is Finished" yet in World War Two The Battle of The Bulge had to be ended for "Final Peace" to come in that time(The Last German Counter Offensive then in that war)…we( I know that I'm not alone) continue to persevere for a brighter future for ALL.I like & Thanks(I'm not ashamed to say this).By the Way the Battle of the Bulge was "The Most Bloody" for the allies(especially for the United States).

  3. Your beloved Jesus: I have now sent My prophets into the world.
    -Sunday, September 25th, 2011 @ 11:45

    My dearly beloved daughter, how to convince young people and those caught up in a busy meaningless lifestyle, is the challenge I present to you.

    Your job is to use every kind of modern communications tool available to convince a young, modern society of the Truth of My Existence. I promise that all those young children who are given the Truth, through such means, will feel My Presence as soon as they read My Messages.

    Spread and convert now, My daughter, in every corner of the world. This is the role for which you have been chosen.

    By spreading My Word virally, more people can be reached. Use the Internet and the media. My followers involved will, in time, spread the Truth everywhere.

    This Mission has only just begun. The foundations have been laid. Now according to the perfect timing of My Father the world will now pay attention to these divine Messages.

    I promised I would return. To pave the way I have now sent My prophets into the world, including you, My daughter. Many are now responding to My call in every country in the world, although their voices are small. In time, they too will be heard, so they can proclaim My Glory to herald My return.

    There is some time ahead before this glorious return takes place. Until then prepare, My children. The Warning will convert millions, but it is only the beginning. The period after that will and must be spent nurturing souls to ensure that they are adequately prepared, so they are fit to enter My Father’s New Paradise on Earth.

    You have much to bear, children, but oh so much to look forward to when you are given access to this wonderful New Era of Peace, joy and happiness on Earth. Perseverance is now called for.

    Courage and stamina will be given to those who invoke the Holy Spirit. You then, My army, will lift the souls of those who stray from Me. Don’t let one of these souls wander off, lost, into the wilderness. Pray for them. Show them love and understanding. Never tell them they are doomed or accuse them of sin, because this is a grave offence in My Eyes. Instead, be firm but kind. Just tell them the Truth. It will be up to them afterwards.

    You cannot, children, win over all souls. You can only do your best.

    Your beloved Jesus

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