CCM: Was Pope Francis Covering for Sodomites?

Over a year ago Dr. E. Michael Jones traveled to Argentina to investigate the background to Pope Francis. Under the description of that show (Israel: Pope Francis in Context) it is stated: “He discusses the hermeneutic of discontinuity that Pope Francis learned partly from the influence of Teilhard Chardin.” It is suggested here that one key reason the Jesuits and the Pope have covered or embraced the sin of sodomy is that their embracing of evolution helped weaken their minds regarding the horrendous sin of sodomy.
In this show Dr. Jones discusses the eleven page letter Archbishop Vigano just wrote maintaining that Pope Francis covered for Cardinal McCarrick’s sodomy partly in exchange for McCarrick having helped him become Pope. Pope Francis recently said: “Using church for personal ambition is a plague.” However it seems that he himself might have been guilty of the sin of excessive ambition. The question now surfacing is whether the Pope should do the right thing and resign. This situation is especially effecting the Notre Dame Catholic community in South Bend, IN where Mike lives because ninety percent of the Notre Dame University professors uphold same sex marriage. How can these professors honestly be morally outraged about sodomy in the Church if they hold such a position? Their thinking on this issue resembles the hypocrisy of the Pharisees which Jesus condemned in Luke 12:1.


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  1. Why does Dr. E. Michael Jones keep referring to gay people as Sodomites?

    At 41 minutes he says “Once you start talking specifically about what homosexuals actually do to each other everybody gets disgusted and wants to head for the exits”

    But the fact is that the vast majority of Catholics in the most Catholic country in Europe, as defined by church attendance – Ireland, do not feel disgusted. They have voted for gay marriage.

    Sodomy, though I’ll call it anal sex because it’s 2018, and I don’t think the Dr. is referring to oral sex, happens more often in heterosexual relationships, due to its popularity and the fact that more people are heterosexual than homosexual. So why does he keep calling homosexuals sodomites?

    Anal Sex is among the most viewed heterosexual pornography, and the sales figures reveal heterosexual anal pornography is very popular in Christian countries, to such an extent that it is popular in the general population which includes Catholics.

    Among those of us who have voted for gay marriage in countries such as Ireland, and come from a Catholic background, I doubt any of us think of gay people as Sodomites. If we are heterosexual we probably spend less time thinking about gay sex, than heterosexual sex and it is fact that anal sex is common in heterosexual sex.

    The Dr’s constant linking of anal sex to homosexuality, and his obvious disgust is very troubling. Most us see people, not sodomites when we meet gay people. Perhaps he should seek therapy.

  2. All priests aren't homosexuals. Most priests are homosexuals.
    6 seminarians for 5 beds. One slept with the bishop Each Night.
    Homosexual bishops recruited homosexual men into the seminary as the bishop's private harem.
    If you were not part of the harem, you were removed.
    Decades go by, priests become bishops. Bishops become Cardinals. Cardinals become popes. And the church is run by homosexuals for the recruitment of more homosexuals.

  3. One of, if not the most Homophobic conversation I've witnessed between two grown men. The obvious intention is to spin the current Catholic crisis as a homosexual problem ,through agenda, rather than admit to being a paedofilia problem. Take McCarrick for example , he may have had many sexual encounters with adults but the Pennsylvania trial proved him to be a paedophile.

  4. So called progressives defend Muslims despite Muslims disagreeing with all their liberal values. So called progressives defend homosexuals despite the fact that they are responsible for the abuse in the Catholic church. So called progressives are insane and are an existential threat to the west.

  5. Hey Dr. Jones… you said nobody else was fighting the "culture war" apart from the (Roman) Catholic church… but there ARE courageous voices out there (as there have always been) who are the Catholic (kat'holos = according to the whole) church in truth speaking out
    Google for example, James White Dividing Line
    John Haller's weekly updates
    James Jacob Prasch
    — to name a few
    Even Prof. Jordan Peterson who doesn't know exactly who our Lord is yet is a voice raised up by the mercies of God to defend the "imago Dei" in the family.
    What about Ben Shapiro (oh, sorry, he's Jewish, he shouldn't count?)
    Aren't we in the middle of Matthew 24 — that should be our guideline "Call no man on earth your father" Matt.23:8-9
    God give His light to you and to all caught up in this confusion — we remember Someone said "I will build My church…" and He is still doing it, built on the Rock (petra) of simple confession of Who He is, not on a "successor of Peter" (petros, one of the "living stones", 1Pet.2:4-9)
    Best wishes
    Phil Smith

  6. If what is written in the letter, I understand resigning, but I wonder if such a suggestion would be made if Pope Emeritus Benedict had not resigned, and the last time a pope resigned was hundreds of years ago instead of five?
    But we should not assume any letter against the pope is true. "Innocent until proven guilty" and all.

  7. Moses, the Apostle Paul, or any of the disciples for example, would not for one nanosecond, tolerate a single Levite priest/disciple that sexually abused children and/or indulged in sexual immorality. They weren't "transferred" to another place!!! The pope as Holy Father; are you serious??? Only GOD is the Holy Father!!! Only GOD is Holy!!! Are you kidding; "Holy Father"? The "pope" is merely a man that is mortal; most previous "popes" are now dead and rotting in a tomb in Rome, Italy!!! (In fact if you check out the Bible, it clearly states that no one [other than your own father; emphasis is mine] should be addressed as "father"; see Matthew 23:9). The Bible clearly states that no one is righteous. Please read the Bible! Read Exodus and Leviticus. in the Hebrew Scriptures, GOD established only ONE priesthood; to qualify for the priesthood, men had to be Jews of the Tribe of Levi!!!. With the exception of the "Royal Priesthood" mentioned in the New Testament of the Bible, GOD had not changed the Levitical system (After the LORD died on the cross for our sins and resurrected, there is no longer a need for the Levitical system, because Jesus became the New Testament, High Priest, veil, the ultimate sacrifice, etc . Roman Catholics, please read the Bible and check it out for yourselves. The only source of Truth we sinners have, is the Word of GOD; not the traditions of men and all the stuff the Roman Catholic "church" invented. The Roman Catholic "priesthood is the invention of men. According to GOD's mandate given through Moses in the Hebrew scriptures, a man could NOT be Italian, German, Polish, or Argentinian to be a priest of GOD!!!

  8. This Dr E Michael Jones, although having a doctorate in his qualifications, is an idiot. Pedophilia defined as in the Merriam Webster online dictionary, is ….

    " sexual perversion in which children are the preferred sexual object; specifically : a psychiatric disorder in which an adult has sexual fantasies about or engages in sexual acts with a prepubescent child "

    When roman catholic priests have sex with little children, they are committing pedophilia, not homosexuality as what this idiot claims. That's because the sexual abuse of little children, boys and girls, is involved. This half past six doctor is trying to spin the problem of pedophilia committed by roman catholic priests into the problem of homosexuality which he hopes is something more palatable to the world, and which he hopes will therefore put the roman catholic church in a better light than it is now. This half past six doctor here is clearly a doctor of spin.

  9. … …. not reasonable that you would go from being homosexual to America being a "gay disco". Not all gay people are promiscuous or party dolls. That's like saying all people who shoot guns are serial killers, or who spank their children are criminals.

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