Chaplain of the House | Patrick Conroy, S.J.

Patrick Conroy is a Jesuit priest whose job it is to pray for Congress. Read an interview with him here:


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  1. Congress needs to ‘get rid of’ the entire position of House Chaplain. Mixing politics and religion is never a good idea. Our elected officials can practice their religion “on their own time”, not during working hours inside of a government building.

  2. He's one of those 'Jesus was a Communist' type progressive lunatics. Most Roman Catholics these days are ridiculously political. Being raised Catholic, and having gone to Jesuit schools since childhood, my opposition to the church is vehement given the fact it is now purely and utterly a political body pushing for a Marxist utopianistic delusional globalist regime.

  3. This guy was making $172,000 a year arranging for a prayer, (which is just wishing) to be said. That's $1634 per prayer. What a deal. And now, after retiring, he'll get a lifetime pension, courtesy of the American taxpayer.

  4. In 2016, the Freedom From Religion Foundation co-president Dan Barker went through all the necessary steps that pastors would go through to deliver an invocation for the U.S. House of Representatives, but his efforts went nowhere because U.S. House Chaplain Patrick Conroy, after delaying for months, officially rejected the request.

    Said Barker: "I hope Congress will replace Conroy with a chaplain who is more respectful of diversity. The House of Representatives should be, after all, representative."

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