Chinese Emperor Proves Paracel, Senkaku, Spratly Islands, & Scarborough shoal Are Not Part Of China

These maps of China during Qing dynasty period were based on the surveys of Jesuit missionaries in China (1708-1717) upon the order of Emperor Kangxi of Qing dynasty, and the works of Frenchmen Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d’Anville and Jean Baptiste Du Halde.

-Huang Yu Quan Lan Tu (皇舆全览图, Map of a Complete View of Imperial Territory), Jesuit Atlas, Jesuiten Atlas, The Kangxi’s Imperial Atlas of China, or Der Jesuiten-Atlas Der Kanghsi-Zeit: China Und Die Aussenlaender

-Nouvel Atlas de la Chine, de la Tartarie Chinoise, et du Thibet: Contenant Les Cartes generales & particulieres de ces Pays, ainsi que la Carte du Royaume de Coree;…
•Carte la Plus Generale et qui Comprend la Chine, la Tartarie Chinoise, et le Thibet…
•Carte Generale de la Chine Dresee sur les Cartes Particulieres que L’Empereur Cang-hi a Fait Lever sur les Lieux…
•Carte Generale de la Tartarie Chinoise Dressee sur les Cartes Particulieres Faites sur les Lieux…
•Carte Generale du Tibet ou Bout-tan et des Pays de Kashgar et Hami…

-Lea Chine avec la Koree et les Parties de la Tartarie les plus voisines, tiree des Cartes que les Jesuites Missionaires ont levees les Annees 1708 jusqu’en 1717

-Regni Sinae vel Sinae Propriae Majpa et Deseriptio Geographica, ex majpis particularibus, quas Sinarum Rex Canghi opera patrum Missionariorum e S.I….

-China and Japan

-A New & Accurate Map of China. Drawn from the Surveys made by Jesuit Missionaries, by Order of the Emperor…

-La Chine avec La Coree et les Parties de la Tartarie les plus voisines…

-The Empire of China, with its Principal Divisions; Drawn from the Surveys Made by the Jesuits: with improvements and Additions, from the Maps of Monsr. D’Anville

East China Sea, Dōng Zhōngguó Hǎi, 东中国海, 東中國海, East Sea, Dōng Hǎi, 东海, 東海/South Sea (南海, Nán Hǎi)/South China Sea (南中国海, Nán Zhōngguó Hǎi)/East Sea (匾東, Biển Đông)/Laut Cina Selatan/Higashi Shina Kai, 東シナ海, 東支那海, ひがしシナかい/West Philippine Sea Disputed Islands, Shoals, Reefs, and Banks
-scarborough shoal (panacot shoal, bajo de masinloc, panatag shoal, marsingola shoal, democracy reef, mínzhǔ jiāo, 民主礁, huangyan island, huángyán dǎo, 黄岩岛, 黃岩島)
-spratly islands (kalayaan islands, kalayaan group of islands, itu aba island,  tàipíng dǎo, 太平岛, nansha islands, nánshā qúndǎo, 南沙群岛, 南沙群島, kepulauan spratly, gugusan semarang, peninjau islands, truong sa, quần đảo trường sa, 群島長沙)
-paracel islands (Hoàng Sa, Quần đảo Hoàng Sa, 群島黃沙, Xīshā Qúndǎo, 西沙群島, 西沙群岛)
-pinnacle islands (senkaku islands, 尖閣諸島, diaoyu islands, diàoyúdǎo jí qí fùshǔ dǎoyǔ, 钓鱼岛及其附属岛屿, 钓鱼岛, diaoyutai islands, Diàoyútái liè yǔ, 釣魚台列嶼)


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    I do honestly believe that Scarborough Shoal, Truro Shoal, Stewart Bank, Spratly Islands, Paracel Islands, Macclesfield Bank, and Senkaku Islands are not really belong to China base on historical evidences. Whoever disagrees with me, I challenge them. Show your evidences!

  2. Who cares about a map drawn by a weak ching dynasty. Ching dynasty lost hong kong and macao too. So their map shows they are not chinas. Go read up sino japan peace treaty and subsequent china claim of 11 dash SCS claim file in the UN. Thats real poof.

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