City, State, & Federal Taxes Exposed – Know Your History!

The History Of Taxes In The U.S.

The plethora of taxes we pay today – federal income tax, alternative minimum tax, corporate tax, estate tax, FICA, and so on – didn’t always exist. America’s first citizens enjoyed few to no taxes, and taxes were added, increased and occasionally (and often temporarily) repealed to give us the tax regime we have today. Let’s explore the origins of some of the more common taxes we face today.

When Were Taxes Implemented?

Most of the taxes we pay today have been around for less than half of our country’s history. One of the oldest is the estate tax,which was enacted in 1797, but was then repealed and re-instituted over the years, often in response to the need to finance wars. The modern estate tax was implemented in 1916 and the gift tax came about in 1924. The federal income tax was enacted in 1913, and corporate income taxes were enacted slightly earlier, in 1909.

The 1920s and ’30s saw the creation of multiple taxes. Sales taxes were enacted first in West Virginia in 1921, then in 11 more states in 1933 and 18 more states by 1940. As of 2010, Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon are the only states without a sales tax. President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act in 1935 and Social Security taxes were first collected in January 1937, although no benefits were paid until January 1940. (For more, check out Give Your Taxes Some Credit.)

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  3. Lot of the money goes to the refugees that come here, and they get a big check every month, and very expensive cars, I know this to be a fact, because they were sent here to California Pennsylvania, and live the good life, they get everything for free. Every thing paid for, Each child gets $1000.00 per month, Mom , and Dad get $2000.00 each. Romanians should be thanking all the tax payers. Forgot to mention, they get extra money if they send their kids to school

  4. Pennsylvania taxes are ridiculous, the evil leadership keeps people in poverty, no matter how many jobs, or hours you work, they make sure you never get ahead. I thought slavery was abolished, another lie. We are all slaves to Corporate America. The gas tax in P.A. Is the highest in the Nation. Another ridiculous tax in P.A. that got started is anyone over 18 working, or not working in a household has to pay a tax. I tried to find out where this money was going to, and got the run around. I hope Asshole Governor Tom Wolf gets voted out of office come this November, every time he farts , he comes up with another tax.

  5. I hate getting paid and opening my check and seeing hundreds of dollars going to the government every week. It's just not right the amount of money they take from people that work hard everyday. You know what people could do with the money that gets taking out there check every week? I understand they have to probably take something but the amount they taking is way to much.

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  7. Of course they had incredible wealth and influence. They founded an entire country that we are so privileged to be in today. The change in our freedom happened over time. There were 2 camps within the founding fathers with completely opposing views. One that fought to keep money ownership by the people the other for the centralized bank run by European aristocrats and bankers (the Rothschilds). Andrew Jackson's last words were "I killed the bank." That man spent two terms and an assassination attempt getting America out from under the control of the outside banks. Not until 70 years later, after his success in paying off the national debt and establishing the money system back to the people, did Woodrow Wilson sell us down the river in 1913 by turning us over to the Fedral Reseve which is neither Fedral or a "reserve." This isn't taught in schools for obvious reasons and the memory of it's true history is not preserved enough to keep it fresh in anyone's minds. Three forefathers actually suffered unimaginable loss and suffering as a result of signing their name. That clear statement they made took a stance against tyranny and was nothing short of a sacrifice.

  8. It is AGAINST the US constitution for the GOVT to tax our income. I will NEVER pay taxes again. I refuse to pay a bunch of satanic pedophiles wage. The US GOVT CAN KISS MY BOOTY. Actually, ALL govts can kiss my booty.

  9. You would have a home like they did if the Banksters in 1871, thru martial law put maritime law into effect, and in 1913, the banksters unconstitutionally installed the central bank "Fed. Reserve" and they are a certain race and have stolen The Republic from us.

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  12. Am I cynical or a realist? "Ye shall have the truth, [ it will hurt] and the truth will set you free! Somebody called me a "doom & gloom negative person" when I warned about smartphones & did not have a chance to offer some solutions to protect one-self, chuckle… I have that list I wrote it down (got writers' cramp)ha! ha! We are born into this "beast" system, it is all we know so we normalize it…I am no longer a happy slave! Question everything! Not negative at all!

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  15. They are also making millions from human trafficking including children. If everyone used their strawman account to pay their taxes it would send a message. I paid my state taxes this way and received a confirmation number that it was paid. They then had the nerve to send me a bill as if it wasn't paid. Let them take me to court because I'll gladly testify in open court about the strawman accounts and the IRS harassment and targeting of individuals of modest means (nearer to the poverty level) who cannot necessarily afford an attorney. Most of the public do not know we each have a strawman account since birth which includes many investments. We all have accounts worth several hundred thousand dollars. Ive done the research and found the accounts they have on me. Everything that you have used your social security number for and includes your name spelled exactly as on your social security card is an account worth money. That includes your drivers license, any professional licenses, mortgages,court cases, etc.. Research strawman accounts and motto proprio (Pope declaration to release accounts). We are slaves and the Queen of England is the owner.

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