CIVIL WAR With Dr. Dahlia Wasfi

Carefully consider the content of this video. Why are ALL the warmongers/war criminals past and present bowing to the Pope? Why is the ministry of peace leader patting them ALL on the head?


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  1. Its been time. I don't know what it will take to get people to realise they are being duped. I am patiently waiting for Dahlia's book also. I too consider her a friend and we exchange mssgs and info occasionally. A true hero for sure!

  2. Except it didn't have to support 'the rest of the building' only the building above the alleged impact points. Two of the largest man made heat sinks ever built weaken that dramatically? Damn how could anyone be so dumb?

  3. @iamcrimsonspecter2 You are a coward. The worst kind. Supporting the murder of children justified by the abhorrent lies of 911 and the war on terror. Do yourself and the world a favor and wash your mouth out with a shotgun!

  4. @MrDouglasBickford

    So your done with me, yet Izzy is still stalking me like a retard and YOU being done with me want to call you and give you some more attention.

    Meh. Nah, I don't think I should field the mentaly ill any longer, that's why I've not bothered with coming back to this video and upping the views more. So instead, I'm responding through the comments.

    Remember, your tinfoil hat could be the only thing keeping your mushy skull from caving in on itself.


  5. awesome ! and the whore of revelation 17 has always wanted the MEast back. Daniel Carroll appointed by President George Washington to find a suitable location for the capital city signer of the Declaration of Independence, Daniel Carroll was a Roman Catholic educated by Jesuits in Maryland and France. brother John Carroll became the first Catholic bishop in America, presiding over the See of Baltimore, included Washington, D.C. John Carroll founded Georgetown University. see rome maryland

  6. @izzysykopth "140 kia above the velocity ,, wings will fall off"

    Yes for a claimed 767, but what of the 737-400's?
    Smaller drag profile, by far, smaller over all but stronger. Did you know there are only three small areas to really tell the difference between 767 and 737's? 1)Where the rudder meets the fuselage-about one foot of the total size of the area, 2)the nose, and 3)how far the engines protrude beyond the front of the wings.
    Side by side the size is obvious, but alone not so obvious.

  7. @iamcrimsonspecter2 Do you know what or why the NYPD helicopter would drop a white box looking item onto the roof of the tower, moments before it fell?

    After the 1993 bombing by the FBI, they blocked access to the roof, so there should not have been any 'survivors' waiting up there.

  8. @izzysykopth "Journeyman Ironworker and Cert Structural Weldor since 88"

    I spent enough time in the belly of large ships on new construction jobs at NASSCO to have a good idea how steel melts. In the few boredom times in there, I was able to borrow the iron workers torches and stingers and had some fun with scraps. There was, just as the dust shows, cutter devices planted in there.

  9. ….what about the mass amounts of human slavery in Brazil tied to the logging and cattle industry? that the US Gov't knows about? and their friends the Saudis that only officially outlawed human (African) slavery in 1976? and it still goes on which the US Gov't knows about…

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