Clark Gable. Born FEMALE. On Birth Certificate.

This is my book The Lost Story. It is the fruit of over 40 years diligent Bible study and prayer after being taken to Heaven to see Jesus Christ face to face in full revelation. It holds power of the endtime move… in releasing full revelation of the grace of God in Jesus Christ… and mysteries hidden in God in Christ from the foundation of the world.

This is the Playlist on YT.

This is Grace Explosion Prayer Center in a commission to raise up 24/7 (unceasing 7 days a week 24 hour a day) II Chronicles 7:14 prayer.

I am going to focus on the work of my ministry… and give access to me to those who receive me in my ministry having read The Lost Story (or listening to it on YT)… and co-laboring in prayer… receiving me as the apostle of the Church of Philadelphia.

It is taking away from my work to let others have access to me… so I am shutting down access.


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