Close up footage of a Star – Nikola Tesla – Electromagnetic Luminaries – Flat Earth

Tesla – Piccard – Rowbotham – Electromagnetic Universe:

Science Proves GOD – Jesus Christ is GOD:

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Close up footage of a Star in our night skies on October 17, 2016 clearly showing that Stars are not burning rocks as we have been told by mainstream science. They are what Nikola Tesla tried to tell us, Electromagnetic Luminiaries. The only true and greatest scientist we had and they silenced him for 20 years. Now we know why!

My full research can be found on my Google Drive:

You need to go through the content in order of first folder, first item and so on, in order to reach the conclusion.

Everything you need to know from Our Reality to Religion to Prophetic Events, from the Creation of Our Earth to the Evolution Theory, Space and NASA and the Supernatural, and finally the Ultimate question about “Our Existence and Purpose in Life”.

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  1. I am sorry but I can't help myself… How do I know you are recording the sky during night? How do I know it's not some fake like some ball shining in some dark area or some electricity effect? There are no other stars… but if we look at the sky we can usually see a lot of stars…

  2. How beautiful! When I see stars twinkling and waving as they do it leaves no doubt that they are indeed in the firmament as the bible states. I also saw footage in a vid titled "10 Lunar Waves Filmed" showing the moon with waves like the stars here and also showing ripples throughout it which again, to me, it proves the waters above. Sadly, that you tuber with the great footage came to the conclusion that the moon is fake like a hologram being projected and feels the same about the stars. So now we have a shill Mark S, supposedly a FE truther, going around saying that the sun, moon and stars are all fake, projected and not real and the heat we get is not from the sun but from earth itself. So basically he says earth is flat, but denies what the scriptures say that our Father in Heaven created it all hence, just like science he's now making ppl doubt that God is real and created the sun, moon and stars…. it never states in the bible that it's a hologram. Anyway, wonderful video 🙂

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