Club of Rome, Vatican, Jesuits, Freemasonry, Laudato Si = NWO

What does the Club of Rome, the Vatican, The Jesuit Order, Freemasonry, the New Age movement, Ladauto Si all have in common? Listen to find out!

(This video skips a bit in the middle for a few seconds, but then quickly clears up). I kept the video “as is” because the Lord was giving me what to say so clearly and it flowed, so I didn’t want to try to record it again.


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  1. Thanks sister . But one think you did not researched. it is the (Quran ) our holly book . And we muslims also belive that (Jesus) pbuh will come again with
    (Imam MEHDI) pbuh as our imam like (jesus) to fight the devil .

  2. Interesting to see evidence of the growing union between the governmental arm and the religious arm of the latter day pretenders to the dual office of Melchizedek. This is as we would say, church and state.Your pointing out the close proximity of the Club of Rome with the Vatican suggests a possible time fast approaching when the harlot emerges riding the beast. The beast system will emerge after Antichrist Mr. Nice Guy brokers and confirms a binding 7 year covenant with Israel and the G-7 nations. The King of the North tracks along in Western Christendom and from Daniel 8 we see that the little horn is no Islamist from the King of the South. The Little Horn AC grows out of the Seleucid King of the North north of Israel, north of the Med. I am convinced the beast being ridden by the harlot John saw in Revelation 17 is the emperor as AC hiding behind his religious clothes. The political arm, the AC is slated by Daniel to emerge naked at the midpoint of the 7 years, at the abomination of desolation. Jesus refers to this transition in the Olivet Discourse. God bless you dear sister.

  3. Have you considered that God instructs us to be stewards of the earth? It is unthinkable that Jesus would sanction the wanton destruction of the earth and its resources for unsustainable human economic activities, founded in greed, materialism and unbridled consumerism. These are serious problems. Wake up! The environment we are supposed to be looking after IS in crisis. Stop hiding your head in the sand. Human activity is causing mass extinction of species on an unprecedented scale; among many other things. Scientists are almost unanimous in reaching this conclusion.

    Incidentally, you completely misquote the review you read portions of. It is not saying that money is sacred and the source of all human value – instead it is arguing AGAINST that paradigm. I agree that the idea of a "living earth" is not biblical, but who knows? God never included every fact about the universe in the Bible. So maybe the earth is alive, I don't know. The main point is that saying that the earth is alive is a long step from worshiping it. Frankly, you make a lot of jumps like this (you read that Korten says the earth is alive, then you go on about people worshiping the earth, for example). Have you even read the Laudato Si? If you had, you would know that it refers to the earth as "sister", not "mother". This is quite a big difference. Sister refers to our having all been made by God – the Pope is not saying that the earth is our maker. Another mistake: right at the end you say that "the Vatican is aligning themselves with the Club of Rome" – it's actually entirely the other way around – the article you refer to is by the Club of Rome, trying to align themselves with the Vatican…

    One other thing: Laudato Si is not saying that any organization is going to rescue us from the environmental crisis. It is about individuals and organizations taking responsibility for their choices, so that we can all contribute to overcoming these difficulties together. So it's hard to see how this plays into your NWO conspiracy theory – no one is going to come along and rescue the planet from the mess humans have made of it. We have to wake up and make changes ourselves.

    Don't get so focused on looking for conspiracies and the work of the enemy that you forget to praise God for how He is moving in the Catholic church. I thank Jesus for bringing a Pope who is prepared to get serious about all of the gospel, not just the comfortable parts, and get engaged in serious problems facing the entire world.

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