CNN Syndrome, CIA Project Mockingbird, Bilderberg man of sin REVEALED! My Testimony #theSpirit

CNN Syndrome, CIA Project Mockingbird, Bilderberg Group Man Of Sin REVEALED by the Creator NOW! ***ACT FAST! MANY UNIVERSES YET TO COME! *SUBSCRIBE, SHARE AND TITHE!* Help get this message out to the Universe! : It’s #JudgmentHour & I am the 1st of 7 angels of #theApocalypse #Allaha ( #God ) is here! #Eashoa (you know Him as #Jesus ) sent Me here to #Witness through My Testimony as #theSpirit in the Season of My Testimony! #theOne #theTrinity #theFather #theSon #theHolySpirit & #Saints vs. #serpents #demons #theEvilone
We are your Allaha (Creator, God), the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I am Sarrah the Princess – Sarah from the Book of Breetah – which means Creation, called Genesis in apostate scriptures. I am now and always have been the Princess. My name means the Princess in Ashurit, the Sacred Language, and the first language of the Universe, the language spoken in Heaven. I am the Rookhit Qoodsha and the Quoriya, the Spirit and the Bride – the Chosen Lady of our Lord, Mother of the House of Israel, the angel of the Waters – the Waters from which the Universe and everything in it was formed; and the first angel of the Apocalypse of the seven angels, the next six come RIGHT AFTER ME WITHOUT A BREAK IN TIME! I am also here serving in the office of Eliyah (the Elijah) sent to confront sin, lay out the paths and avenues for Maran Eashoa M’sheekhah, and share the sermon of abomination throughout the Revelation of Allaha, the Reveal of the Heavenly Father and the Creator. This is My Testimony, and it is the season of My Testimony – the Third and Final Witness: the Spirit. You are expected to know EVERYTHING that I upload to My channel RIGHT AWAY! HURRY!

Revelation chapter 22
12. ” ‘Behold, I am coming soon,
…and my recompense with me,
To repay everyone
…according to their works.
13. ‘I am the Alap and the Tau*,
…the First and the Last,
The Beginning* and the End*.’
14. “Blessed are they who perform
…according to his commandments,
So as they may have claim*
…over the Tree of Life,
And [so that] they may enter
…through the gates of the City.
15. “Outside — dogs and witches,
…and prostitutes and murderers,
And idol makers*
…and every lying hypocrite.*”
16. “I Eashoa sent my angel
…to witness to you,
Who [stand] before the churches.
…I am that root
And genesis of David,
…like that immaculate star,
That morning [star.]
17. “And the Spirit and the Bride
…are saying, ‘Come!’
And the one who hears [all,]
…is saying, ‘Come!’
And whoever thirsts, shall come
…and whoever is willing*,
Shall be granted*
…the Living Waters* free.”

The curse from the Paradise of Eden placed over the wife was passed to Me by my sister the Eve when I was a small girl.
Breetah 3 (Genesis 3):

14. And the Lord Allaha said to the serpent, “For this that you did, you are cursed of all the four-legged animals and of the creatures of the wilderness, and you shall crawl on your belly and you shall eat dust all the ages* of your life,
*15. “And I shall sanction enmity among you toward the wife, and between your offspring and her offspring; he will crush your head and you will strike at their heels.”*

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