Welcome to the fifth video on the reading and discussion of the book by P.D. Stuart called: Codeword Barbelon: 666 Danger in the Vatican – The Sons of Loyola and Their Plans for World Domination. In this video series, Jörg Glismann, host of the program Hour of the Truth in cooperation with me, Bret Norman, read and discuss the topics in this book.

Could it be that there is much more going on ( Merging the Institutions of the Church with the Institutions of the State ) behind the curtain of Political Power than it appears? Learn along with us How the Power of the Occult team up perfectly with Jesuit Intrigues, Subtile Sophistry and Casuistry, and how that ( Demonic ) power has been harnessed and continues to this day. In fact, we may find that We have allowed this power ( through disobedience to Biblical Law ) to creep into “Every Sector of Life” as ex-jesuit priest Alberto Rivera told us in the introduction of the book “The Secret History of the Jesuits” by author Edmond Paris…
If it is indeed a fact that this “World Power” can wear a “Christ like” garb, then we can see how the power of Vanity is also used in conjunction with the careful Orchestration, through Media and Social Networks, the structure to create new Ideologies, to form and target new realities, to appear perfectly righteous, but Are in fact a Poor Counterfeit of the Historic Protestant Fatih. Indeed, there are some very, very painful and shocking discoveries that we may encounter on the path to Sanctification, on the narrow way to Pure and Undefiled Religion as put straight forward in righteousness and Learning, written in the Authorized 1611 King James Version Bible. This is why both Jörg and I promote the Historic Faith of this Bible, to Restore the “Old Paths” as stated in Jeremiah ch6 vs16, Because the Only Gospel that Saves is the one that stretches all the way back to The Garden of Eden to come back to us through Jesus, our Messiah In This Present Day.
“It is, therefore, an inherent right of the Church to have at its disposal and to employ any of these media insofar as they are necessary or useful for the instruction of Christians and all its efforts for the welfare of souls.(…)”

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