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  1. Ai can’t understand a soul it can only understand a logical way this person will act because everyone is very predictable because we all go to the same school we all learn the same doctrine so… ai only understand that but put a bot on me and I will make it crash lol

  2. All of these "Stack & Pack" housing developments will soon be popping up, via Local City/State planning commissions, like popcorn–> (incentivized & quietly mandated by the Federal Govt.) The "Smart" Technology; embedded simultaneously and in consort with 5G and Private-sector corporations, will allow for Tons of Data, across large and concentrated population demographics, to (continue) to be fed into Deep-Learning AI platforms–(serving to accelerate their ultimate goal of relinquishing Complete & Total AI CONTROL over EVERYTHING … From the electrical-grid, right down to your specific personal consumption).

    It's been a slow-drip up 'til now…but they're about to open the flood-gates – Get Ready!

  3. Its like try.d to wake dead . Sometimes . Want to go far away land live like streck my kids wont listen they r mindcontroled play station smart phones . Not so .smart . Every 1 in coma hear some people on this r awake . Thank universe 🌠

  4. Yes, we have been under a One World government, but the New World order is the new and improved version they will push on us, after they start their next world war, and depopulate us drastically. There will also be a One World religion that will be pushed on you. If you don't take the chip they will want to put in you, it will be your head. Don't let them put a chip in you, it will change your DNA and you will be totally owned by them. "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, but lose his soul?"

  5. Hey thanks again for all your good news, wait, that's a differnt channel….Do you ever think that when your time here is up you'll look back and wish you had spent some time making a video or two that wasn't apocoliptic? Maybe go camping and see just how beautiful this creation really is. There is light and dark in this realm and you find what your looking for usually.

  6. this is scary, BUT remember when they were sure Trump wouldn't win?!! There is a storm coming, they know it, the Almighty is about to deliver some death sentences on A LOT of these evil elite and an emp of natural cause and that will be that.

  7. "Alexa can control the lights, switches, and locks." Um yeah, NO. And If they want to punish you, they can lock you in your house and emit carbon monoxide…they can do anything they want with you.

  8. Guess what nobody’s talking about… NK’s entire population is completely under subliminal brain control like the MK ultra programs.. The American population would freak out if they knew how bad it really is because it is the perfect slavery weapon. The only thing wors-e is we are next inline for it. – The US is repaying fake debt to china So (DEW) fire operations in Cal are designed to moving people off land. The Gov is going to give our land to China for debt payment While Trump’s going to bring in a dangerous Chinese industrial complex several states including Mississippi too Ohio, Georgia, all in the name of job creation- Its already began, stay alert.

  9. Got my driver's license renewed last week and I usually always wear my glasses but was told I can't wear them anymore, which I thought you had to but I guess not, because the drivers license and ID place was told by the government to not let them wear glasses anymore so if someone needs to get identified from the database, they can see your whole face, unobstructed without glasses so they can see your eyebrow Ridge and your eyes better, so they can identify you quicker. Yup.

  10. International Jews now control all the world's central banks including Russia, China, the U.S. and U.K.. International Jews control the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. International Jews control the U.N. and NATO and E.U. International Jews own all the major corporations world wide including the pharmaceutical industry and Rothschild controlled propaganda educational institutions world wide. International Jews own 96 percent of the major media outlets world wide and almost every major politician world wide along with their free mason sell out traitors. Free Masonary and Jesuit control is the capstone of Jewish power and control. International Jews now control all the world's central banks and those who control a nations money control that nation and their politicians. They are planning to eliminate a large portion of the world's population as they state that a smaller population would be easier to control under their one world government to be run from Jerusalem. Welcome to the Jew World Order.

  11. How convenient they used your own home as a tech cell chamber and you pay 2,000 dollars for the manufactured concentration farm. Sure they'll have limited parking perhaps at 1000.OO for lot. With robocope as Security. Better not hit your child they be taken by the states in cages! China the template since Rockefeller sent his home boy, Kissinger to office open industry smuggle their by transnational investors during the petroleum fake crisis but they gold owed not in Fort Knox was real. Why Nixon started the EPA as a front to Federal State lands as a backup as payments and our taxed payed for highways and water supply now cost you 2 dollars for simply water. Meanwhile, all the fool through they look so preppy. Never brought water 💦 The price went high to water the crop basket and big farmer took over small businesses farms. It suicide to the country by Federal Masonic foot knights in their district of operations. Be real it's all uniform enforcement of criminality. Our Army, and police not enemies but they got to protect their own family interests and stop that abuse. Enemies war act makes all citizen enemies of the State. We are targeted terrorist by default of Federal Debt. You been spellbound with that international fringe flag they aim to shock you with by LAW. Don't even Protest organization societies in community as they infiltrated our boundaries. Don't creat marches organize as them
    masons did when they sent the First boat under charter of Masons. 💦🌹💙 China already a FEMA industrial complex camp.

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