18 Replies to “Communitarians Push “Morals and Dogma” to Foster Acceptance of GLOBAL Gentrification”

  1. Did anyone else see a You Tube warning on the other No Race video about Romulans?

    Here is a screenshot of the message – https://photos.app.goo.gl/3zPh3bLXTTz4L8LW2

    "In response to some user reports, we have disabled some features, such as commenting, sharing, and suggested videos, because this video contains content that maybe inappropriate or offensive to some viewers."

    Oh, dear baby golden Jesus I'm so thankful we have invisible godparents to watch over us little children.

    Again, all this stuff is awesome but I still see us as just as bad as the double-crossers if we're too lazy to get our interfixx somewhere other than a virtual town square.

    They went secret to do their thing so I assume they couldn't fault us for doing the same though I don't think that is a good idea – to hide and organize.

    Robert David Steele is promoting a public intelligence agency since I feel these experts get their Intel often from public record on the internet just like us. What do y'all think about that?

    I want to learn how to be like an event coordinator online but like those people on the love boat.

    Since this video is chocked full of heavy ideas like Shakespeare which is a world unto itself let alone all the rest I shared a post just about that in an esoteric group and it got alot of love but no comments.

    Dante directly asked for help saying he can't do all this alone.

    So here we are having to learn how to establish an ad hoc network like the people in the show LOST have to do after as plane crash on an island.

    Certainly, we can learn from cults like Mormons whose members go on to make shows like Battlestar Galactica where they are Jews in Space bringing their ragtag tribe ghetto along as they try to return to Earth.

    Is that gypsy idea a made up thing or just how humanity mutates and grows paradoxically from conflict?

    That is how the Cult of the Cub Scouts works – it's like a self lead camping church for Romans. Our motto is Be Prepared.

    What is the motto for today's online truth shepards?

    Bitch, Blame and Balderdash?!

    I'm thankful for commentators like Dante and Webster Tarpley but we can't only be single voices.

    Is it a Freemasonic evil scam to co-operate?

    We couldn't have music without it.

    Can't we just take back the tools of community?

    Don't y'all like a good High School marching band even if you hate the football program?

    Couldn't all the righteous indignation Arkansas Razorback football fans have to go through be transformed into a revolt where the fans came to rule decisions more than the athletic department?

    I know that we get shit people because they know us good ol' boys will take abuse out on the field and in the stands and still keep supporting that crap.

    That's all we have in Arkansas is that stupid ball team. I sure would like to see people all burn their jerseys if they were ignored.

    Someway to use that game as a way to get people here to use this state identity for good to get people asking who are we and where are we going other than being the largest u.s. rice producer serving the Asian market.

    We need our own places to freely assemble in addition to local network TV news and city hall – a folk government that is an accurate representation of a community.

    If I was Alex Jones and I was legit which I don't think he is because all he has to do n is allow anyone who has a message and a fan base to come on and use his pulpit.

    You could invite your worst enemy on and it would only help because people could trust you are fair and open and you let the audience develop their own response in addition to sharing your view.

    Only certain people should want to run the circus that content producers perform in.

  2. Laughed out loud when he said sending our Cdn police down to the USA police .. our RCMP swear an oath to the Queen .. your's don't.. but you know the Queen never visited Israel, odd fact.. anyways, I think Amitai would have made a terrific comedian.. he missed his true calling … #oy vey … great video NoRace, Dante, when people start talking 'community' at me .. I move on swiftly.. most people are completely useful idiots… most people.. haven't got a sense of true liberty … Niki advocates the opt out .. I think she will enjoy your video mash ups .. well done.

  3. Awesome work, Dante.

    My initial reaction is that I agree with the way the community asset program is described.

    By us valuing social media we agree to those terms because we are saying we must have each other's support and that does take a salesman or coach type of leader to make offers and pressure with loss toward outcomes.

    We won't win this fight if we don't see the merit in the different views.

    I often think that social services do breed dependency and legislation often isn't designed to stop anything, only to manage it.

    Don't we agree with the idea of community whenever we want or expect people to agree?

    I feel I get alot out of going bowling with friends – that can't all be to dumb us down is it?

    Tonight, I have a meeting for Cub Scouts and I'm forced to do stuff that my heart wanted to do and now I choose to make good on that intent like by setting up a good adventure plan.

    Some kid will inevitably act a goof while 90% of us are saying the pledge of allegiance.

    So, we'll hold up two fingers instead as a symbol to mean please be quiet now so the room isn't traumatized by that scary Dad yell like G$dda##it Timmy shut the funk up for the 8th time!

    That is community I believe in – we play a role in defining others boundaries whether we want to or not and I'm someone who hates gang behavior.

    To be honest, it's one of the few things I look down on many black skinned folk for that slave gang behavior.

    I saw a similar but opposite behavior from this redneck McDonald's young mgr. the other day.

    I tried the new mobile ordering from the app.


    Because the strip on my Debit card is visibly deteriorating so I decided to enter it in the app.

    The app gives me a qr code but then tells me to park in spot 3.

    It says my order will be here shortly; then, it says thanks for doing business or something like it's all over so I go in after I felt abandoned and this Brother is going in at the same time and I ask for help and he goes to his manager.

    The guy is super busy in the kitchen and he says immediately he can't help me.

    I thought that was odd.

    I realized the problem was the app is new and this store had no clue about how it works.

    I experience issues occasionally with a yard care businessโ€‹ app I use as a contractor so I could tell by the disconnect behavior it was a tech issue.

    Tech holding us all hostage and confused under it's unseen, unknown management is creepy and problematic in our complex web of life.

    At that point I felt dismissed by this guy after explaining that I was charged but had no order and he scolded me saying I'm supposed to go through the drive thru.

    Now, I'm pissed because my intelligence kicks in and I realize I'm the only one in the room that knows what the funk is going on!

    I said, hey I'm not some slave and no one deserves to be ordered around like that especially when your system has caused me to be without my order.

    I ask how to resolve this transaction please.

    A Woman Associate steps up and she says she has only been here two weeks but she doesn't think they have some system figured out and I calmly let her know I know understanding the new app is the issue and agree to go through the line but being uneasy because they asked me for a code earlier I didn't have – we calmly resolved it, the guy and I and he learned more.

    Isn't that Communitarianism in all it's chaotic glory?

    Maybe the computer has created a new way to find trainers? ha ha!

    Merit is based on work so does that mean meritocracy is slavery?

    It's hard to imagine.

    There is a giant Albert Pike Temple here in Little Rock, Arkansas. I wonder if you can get any of them to understand and comment about this info in any meaningful way?

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