34 Replies to “Congo – Koffi Olomide – Dancing Girls – Live at Zenith Paris – Copyright claim by Murphy Ben Int”

  1. @KinshasaOK it's sad you just ignorantly sterotyped a race. not everyone is resistant to gain knowledge. and when they are maybe it's because they choose not hear it from someone who knows nothing about.

  2. @naijagal Hi I am very aware of African music & African singers. Have a listen to Baaba Maal doing Nomad Soul or Khaled the great Algerian singer on the album Sahra singing Aicha, pure magic.I just thought the dancing was very sexual in its content.The movements & touching were to me too suggestive.I saw at the carnival last year young ladies in the middle of Ladbroke Grove,scantily clad thrusting out their bottoms & inviting men to their rear end,there were plenty of takers.

  3. @pmpstr247 I do not have a definition of pornography.I am not interested enough even to have words about it.Perhaps my wording was a little strong & I should have used the words sexy & suggestive.I certainly caused quite a stir with my comments. I thought the girl was a lovely mover & I have always loved African music.I forgot to say to Hudgirl,was she saying that white girls can`t dance.

  4. @HUDGIRL Hi Hudgirl.I seemed to have stirred up hornets nest.On reflection I dont have enough experience of porno to justify my comments & for this I apologise.I still feel the dance,which I thought was terrific was filled with too much pointing to & touching towards the genital area.I do love African music & am sure that you & all the other people I have managed to offend will understand.

  5. I love african dances and theire musics…i think i was suppose to be born as an black african loll well i'm still proud to be haitian ! since i was younger like 3 years old i remember my dad were listen to those music…werrason…Koffi, yondo siter, Meiway, Fally Ipupa…I think my grand grand-father put him in that "bath" (he wAS african…RIP!)…if anyone has good songs and video likte that contact me pleeeeaassee…i don't have enough!! loll

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