21 Replies to “Congo – Koffi Olomide – Patience : Marcation : Bennie – Copyright claim by Murphy Ben Int”

  1. @Nfulleffek My respect goes to those who go out and give all the have in whatever they do. Remember the parable of the talents. Empty critics especially those who say things that mean nothing contribute nothing to the world.

  2. Supported by the old guard, the very competent Felly Tyson (guitar), titina Al Capone (drums), Binda Bass (bass). The male dancers set-up and singer was also excellent: Fally Ipupa, Jordan, Gipson, Soleil, Deo Brando. And atalakus were CNN, Arabe and Apocalypse. A comprehensive Quartier Latin at this 2004 Paris concert… Good show, nice dance piece by girls and boys… Very good…

  3. One of the best set-up for a Koffi & QL concert with these three girls only, that complement each other so well. Patience (graceful, old style dancing, so beautiful), Marcation (so tonic, very physical, and up to date) and Benedicta aka Bennie (young, very talented indeed, and cute)

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