Congress Quietly Pushing Bill to Require National Biometric ID for ‘ALL Americans’

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  1. Does anybody drive cross country? There's more checkpoints and Border Patrol and Customs checkpoints inside the United States instead of on the border. Not to mention you will be driving out in the middle of nowhere and all of a sudden there will be 3 bipods with about 20 cameras on them taking multiple pictures not just of your vehicle but your face 360 if possible.

  2. here is a example. on a very busy one way three lane street today I noticed a abandoned on broken truck, left with no hazards flashing. this street is super fast, it was morning rush hr- so I called emergency to tell the police you have a accident waiting to happen here- gave them the location, gave them the truck description, plate, ECT- the guy on phone says thank you, I said you all look out for us we are best to help you. right when I was on the phone the street cleaner appeared, and had to go around the truck. so then the operator starts asking my phone number, so I said I have dyslexia, I don't memorize numbers, so he reads off my number to me to ask me is that sound like your number- I said I just told you I don't even ever try to say my number period! then he asks my name so I say my first name- then he wants my last name so I told him – but then I was PISSED! I said LOOK, damnit- I told you if you want to call you street cleaner and ask him he is driving right here right NOW– I don't see what you want my name for- PERIOD! he blather something about would I like a call back — I said HELL NO! and I don't like being on your stinking lists just because I tried to help you out– ERASE MY NAME– and don't call me — its not my truck – I don't have anything to do with it you are punishing me for helping you!! FUCKING jerks can't even see why people get to the point where they won't ever call about ANYTHING even the simplest thing they TURN on you… I know they have your name and number right when you call them– but they BULLSHIT. you while they interrogate you for trying to save someone from a crash… it IS A POLICE STATE

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