COP24: US Still in Paris Agreement w/out Trump.Climate Change Laws in CA. France Yellow Vest Protest

Church and state are now making preparations for the future conflict. Protestants are working in disguise to bring Sunday to the front, as did the Romanists. 5T449

Men will employ every means to make less prominent the difference between Seventh – day Adventists and observers of the first day of the week. A company was presented before me under the name of Seventh – day Adventists, who were advising that the banner, or sign, which makes us a distinct people should not be held out so strikingly; for they claimed that this was not the best policy in order to secure success to our institutions. But this is not a time to haul down our colors, to be ashamed of our faith. This distinctive banner, described in the words, “Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus,” is to be borne through the world to the close of probation. While efforts should be increased to advance in different localities, there must be no cloaking of our faith to secure patronage. Truth must come to souls ready to perish; and if it is in any way hidden, God is dishonored, and the blood of souls will be upon our garments. 6T 144.1

Christian Leaders tell World Leaders to Act NOW on Climate Change
New Study says Going Vegan is the Best Thing to Do for the Planet
Veganism Could get the same legal protections as Religion in UK
Journalist Liz Jones says Veganism should be a religion

LA City Council Plan to Require Vegan Protein Options to Fight Climate Change. Soon they will require closure on Sundays. City Councilman Paul Koretz introduced a motion that would mandate vegan options at restaurants, movie theaters, sports stadiums, and airport terminals.
COP24: Cardinal Parolin and Arnold Schwarzenegger confirm that lawmakers, Mayors, Governors, Financial and Educational Institutions are still on board with Paris Climate Accord Agreement regardless of what Trump decides to do.

Trump stands Alone at G20 Summit while 19 World Leaders reaffirm Paris Climate Agreement.

Carbon Tax in France has led to violent protests, riots, and bloodshed. The Yellow Vest Protests have spread to Spain, Brussels, Belgium, Germany, and Netherlands. Fuel Tax Hikes have also taken place in Haiti.

Trump’s Attorney General Pick William Barr is a Catholic conservative who rejects the separation of church and state, calls secularists “fanatics,” and blames secularism for “moral decline.”

The Trump administration has refused to release information or records related to its “Religious Liberty Task Force” in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by BuzzFeed News.

0:19:15 Adventist general conference letting roman catholic church off the hook.
00:21:02 Jesuit extreme Oath and their teaching of Preterism and Futurism. Adventists and true Protestants use Historicism.
00:21:32 Baptist used to expose rome, methodist used to expose rome, etc
00:28:23 Pope 666
00:34:36 Pope Francis – God made you gay. You were born that way
00:34:52 Pope Francis – Pope Francis on Gay priests
00:345:03 Sex abuse cases in the catholic church
00:07:51 jesuit in america
00:38:02 Kavanuagh a Jesuit catholic
00:43:23 Diop meets with the pope
00:43:37 the great hope hoax
00:48:48 Climate Change Paris
00:51:55 climate change poland
01:06:12 Catholics push for climate change
01:25:40 Fuel tax in France
01:35:00 damage alaska earthquake
01:35:06 the fires in california cost 10 billion.

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  1. So true! God draws us nearer to Him via love not fear. If we afraid of Him, we have no love, anyone who is fearful has not a perfect love.

    True, We can't fix ourselves but like Jbunyans Mansoul We have control if 5 gates. is 5 senses. hand gate, eye gate, ear gate

    Today the COP24 Rulebook passed. Will be effective 2020. Article 6.9 (numerology of MOB) of Paris Agreement says use NMA to reduce emissions.

    What's NMA? "using Social & political ways" Does this mean the NSL begins 2020?

  2. CO2 = Plant food. Photosynthesis creates a self-regulating system on the Earth that has kept this gas at very stable levels in the last hundred thousand years or so, based on ice core samples taken from the poles. If Carbon Dioxide levels rise, as they have before in our planet's history due to intermittent periods of volcanic activity, more photosynthesis occurs, creating more biomass on earth , which converts more of this gas into plant and phytoplankton material. We will never end up like Venus, as long as we maintain healthy forests and oceans . Ironically, the plan to "dim" the earth with chem-trails of SO2, which is now being proposed by aggressive Climate Change cultists, would actually reverse this natural process and produce acid rain to boot.

  3. 1 problem most people & MOST SDA preachers & congregations don't know is ALL living creatures exhale CO2 thus 'causing climate change.' To get rid of it, all living creatures must be done away with NOT change day of worship. Most don't know because schools no longer teaching facts for the past 30 yrs, mostly millenial & z generations

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