Counter-Reformation Deceit: Futurism & Preterism Infiltrate Protestantism – Counter-Reformation Deceit: Futurism & Preterism Infiltrate Protestantism

• Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy
• The “Secret Rapture” Deception
• The unbiblical “7 Years of Tribulation”
• Jesuits aiding & abetting the Antichrist
• Protestantism promulgating Jesuit lies

In this video:
Jesuit/Protestant Futurism & Preterism Exposed!

• Monument to Pope Gregory XIII by Camillo Rusconi, Made available under GNU Free Documentation License 1.3 and Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

• Crossing the Chasm, Dark Fog, Intrepid, and Simplex by Kevin Macleod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License,


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  1. The gentiles the gospel went to were lost sheep. Diaspora amongst the Nations. More importantly, once it went to the gentiles it would all end. Paul said the gospel HAD gone to all the Nations in the 0060s. Jesus had stated that his return and all things would happen to some standing there before him. And that some would still be alive when it would happen. This is why they were to not live as married any more. It would happen within 40 years

  2. Roman Catholic Church has murdered and murdered the children of God. The more they killed the more obvious it became, just who is the dragon chasing Gods people. RCC is the anti-Christ. Ignatius Loyola's Jesuits are the order that pursues Gods people. The new bible versions from Westcott and Hort add to the ease of adding Catholic doctrine. They used Catholic manuscripts. (Sinaiticus and Vaticanus.) Satan always twists Gods Words.

  3. All of Revelation has been fulfilled. Nero was the Antichrist. Daniels prophecy was fulfilled by Christ. His wrath unleashed upon Israel in AD 70. There is no future Antichrist, the Catholic Church is not the little horn. The Bible and it’s prophecies are fulfilled. Go out and preach the Gospel and stop waiting for the end times because the end times were the end of the Old Covenant which was officially done away with after the Temple was destroyed. God made sure that all the books of lineage were destroyed so that no Jew can claim Levitical priesthood. There is no rapture mentioned in the Bible, people need to read and study for themselves and not take anyone’s word. Scofield and Darby are main culprits in people believing in futurism and the millennium. Read RAPTURLESS by Jonathan Welton for an accurate and Biblical view of the end times.

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